The Dogma Difference: Stress-Free Drop-off and Pick-up with our Text System

At Dogma, we are committed to providing the best care for your furry companions, and that extends to their arrival and departure from our facility. Our innovative approach to drop-off and pick-up through a simple to use text system sets us apart from the rest. This streamlined process not only minimizes stress for you and your dog but also offers numerous benefits that contribute to their overall well-being and behaviour.

Minimizing Stress and Crowding

Traditional dog care facilities often have bustling lobbies, which can lead to crowding and increased stress for the dogs. Our text system eliminates the need for dogs to wait in these crowded spaces, ensuring a calm and relaxed atmosphere for their arrival. This approach prioritizes their comfort from the moment they arrive at our facility.

Calm Entry and Exit

Our experienced training team takes charge of individually escorting your dog in and out of the building. This personalized attention ensures that each dog's experience is calm and controlled. Avoiding chaotic entries and exits sets the tone for a positive and stress-free stay, and this individualized care also allows us to monitor your dog's behaviour closely, noting any changes that may require attention.

Behavioural Benefits

The Dogma Difference goes beyond convenience – it positively impacts your dog's behaviour. By reducing stress during drop-off and pick-up, we contribute to a more relaxed and content state of mind. Dogs are highly sensitive to their environment and experiences, and by creating a serene atmosphere during these transitions, we foster a sense of security and ease. This, in turn, has a profound effect on their behaviour both within our facility and at home and reduces the development of over-arousal concerns.

Enhancing Socialization and Interaction

A calm and controlled environment during arrival and departure has a ripple effect on a dog's overall socialization skills. When dogs experience stress-free entry and exits, they are more likely to approach other dogs in a composed manner. This experience paves the way for positive interactions, supports healthy play, and contributes to improved social behaviour over time.

Reducing Anxiety and Fear

For dogs prone to anxiety or fear, a serene entry and exit experience can make a world of difference. Our text system and personalized care help build positive associations with coming to our facility, gradually reducing any apprehension they may feel. Over time, this comfortability can lead to decreased anxiety associated with dog care, promoting a happier and more confident canine companion.

At Dogma, we believe that every aspect of your dog's experience matters, including their arrival and departure. Our innovative text system reflects the Dogma Difference by minimizing stress, promoting calmness, and positively influencing their overall behaviour. By prioritizing your dog's well-being from the moment they step through our doors, we're not just providing a basic service – we're creating a full sanctuary experience where dogs thrive emotionally, socially, and behaviourally.