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If you would rather your dog get one-on-one training, if they need a little extra attention, or are experiencing a particular behavioural problem, then private training is for you! We recommend starting with an initial 45-minute virtual (video) consult with one of our certified trainers. During this session, you and the trainer will discuss current challenges, begin training, and go over skills that you can work on at home. The trainer will also provide you with a detailed training plan which includes access to our exclusive membership programs. The cost for the initial virtual consult is $115 + GST for non-members. 

We can help you with basic obedience, manners, fears, reactivity, aggression, and any other concerns through any of these options:

  • virtual consult is a 60-minute session completed via Zoom. Includes a summary and recording of the session.
  • An initial consultation is a 60-90 minute session at our location, or  at your home, that can cover any type of training/behaviour concern and includes a summary for the session.  
  • 30 or 60 Minute Sessions can be done at facility, your home, or a location of your choice (off-site must be within 15 km or travel fees may apply). We walk a maximum of two dogs, have a two-leash safety system, and provide a report card after each walk. Fearful/reactive dogs welcome, but a private consult may be required first.
  • Member-exclusive options called tutoring, are for day school dogs only.
  • Check out our Rates and Requirements page for pricing
  • Check out your member portal for bundled options or speak to your trainer!

Not sure about a virtual session? Find out why we love virtual training and it's effectiveness here.

Book following these steps:

  1. Create or login to your account here or the below button.
  2. Under 'Booking Category', select 'Private Training'
  3. Select the desired service from the list on the right
  4. Then select the type of service (same name as your Private Training service).
  5. Under 'Appointment Notes', share anything you would like the trainer to know or specific goals for your dog to be worked on within the session. 
  6. Select 'Dates' and please click on a blue highlighted date highlighted.
  7. Below the calendar, a list of specialists will appear for you to choose from.
  8. If there is availability on that day, select a green time block, or click on the blue highlighted words "Next Available"
  9. Please read the description of the service you are booking and click to agree to our terms and conditions
  10. Select 'SUBMIT REQUEST'
  11. Please refer to the service details and your confirmation email for further information.
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Our membership contains the most comprehensive amount of training resources around. Join for as little as $25/month and take advantage of:

  • Hundreds of training videos of basic skills, husbandry, tricks, full lessons, and more
  • Full webinars covering topics like how dogs learn and canine body communication
  • Downloadable handouts for everything such as puppy and problem behaviours, seasonal tips, life skills, and more
  • Access to member-exclusive services and pricing
  • Live-streaming classes
  • Access to an online community of like-minded dog lovers and our training team

Plus, we are continually adding new items and share seasonal support!

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