Rates & Requirements

Our day school goes beyond what anyone else offers in Calgary


Not only do we make sure your dog has the best day possible in our care, we also rotate your dog through various subjects, because when they come to us, they go to school! Memberships provide quality dog training at your fingertips, along with a community of like-minded dog lovers and access to our entire training team. This way we make sure your dog gets the highest level of training possible and you receive the greatest level of support.


We take care of your dog, AND you get a better behaved pooch at the end of the day!



Day School (KinderPUPS, dogmaHigh, dogmaU)


Full Day Assessment*:

1 day pass: $75
5 day pass: $360 ($72/day)
10 day pass: $700 ($70/day)
20 day pass: $1350 ($67.50/day)

GST not included in pricing 

* Why a full day assessment? We do daycare better and want to ensure the safety and overall well-being of all of the dogs in our care. To do this, a full behavioural evaluation is done by one of our senior trainer. This is done individually and slowly to ensure your dog feels comfortable and is not overwhelmed on their first day. We ensure Day School is the right choice for your dog and provide you with a variety of options to ensure they develop into an ideal urbanK9!


Want to accelerate your dog’s training or make it an extra special day?

You can add extra play or training time, special treats, spa treatments, and grooming services, while at day school.



Dogma has set the standard for dog day school services in Calgary!

At Dogma, we cap the number of dogs in our day school classes, in order to ensure proper supervision, for the safety of all our guests. Unfortunately, that means we can’t guarantee availability.

We recommend scheduling regular bookings to guarantee your day school reservation!
  • Reservations are required for dogs to attend day school
  • All fees are non-refundable
  • Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations
  • Full day behaviour assessment required for all dogs
  • Membership required for your dog to attend day school
  • All day school packages expire 3 months after purchase
  • Minimum once/week regular bookings required (excludes holidays)

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