Looking to delve deeper into specific skills, address certain behaviours, or mix in some fun while training?

Workshops are tailored for you! Each topic spans three classes, allowing for progressive behaviour development every week. With a diverse range of topics offered throughout the year, there's always something new to explore! From nose work and refining long line skills, to agility, swimming, and more, we ensure that training remains engaging.

We welcome suggestions! If you have a specific topic, location, or skill you'd like covered, let us know!

Enjoy member-exclusive savings and the option to join as a non-member, making the learned activities easy to incorporate into your daily routines without breaking the bank. Please note that class passes expire after three months, with 3 class passes required per workshop topic. Classes are 45 minutes in length. If you have a fearful or reactive dog, explore our dedicated workshop options designed for success while learning new skills. Secure your spot today, as availability is limited per session.

Reactive/Fearful Workshop requirements: Must have completed our foundations program. Outdoor workshop participants require a badge on file achieved through our reactive training.

Urbank9/Puppy Workshop requirements: People and dog friendly. Not sure if your dog is a good fit? Contact us!

 Class passes 5 for $235 and 10 for $425

Non Member: Class passes Non-Members: 5 for $250 and 10 for $450 

Terms and conditions

How to register:

  1. Create or log into your account.
  2. Upload your dog's vaccination records and fill in you and your dog's details.
  3. Select "Start Booking" for your dog
  4. Select "Group Classes/Workshops" in the booking category
  5. Submit booking request for desired workshop(s)
  6. Attendance request will be accepted pending class passes and up to date vaccination records

Upcoming Workshops

Wheel Wise: Conquering Reactivity to Wheels

Conquer your dog's reactivity to wheels in our Wheel Wise workshop! Designed specifically for dogs who exhibit fear or reactivity towards bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and other wheeled objects, this workshop provides practical strategies and hands-on training to help your dog tackle these surprises with ease! 

Where: Chinook Location (515- 70 avenue SW, Calgary AB) 
When: Begins Thursday, May 16 th at 7:30 pm. Runs for 3 consecutive weeks.

**Must have completed Reactive Foundations** Contact us at [email protected] if you think your dog would be a good fit! 

Camping Prep

Prepare for outdoor adventures with your pup in our UrbanK9 Camping Prep workshop series! This three-class series covers setting up camp, tethering techniques, fire safety, wildlife observation, and more. Learn how to create a comfortable campsite for you and your dog, ensure safety around the campfire, and spot wildlife while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you're a camping enthusiast or new to camping with your dog, our workshop will equip you with essential skills for a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

Where: Chinook Location (515- 70 avenue SW, Calgary AB)
When: Begins Saturday, May 25th at 3 pm. Runs for 3 consecutive weeks.

Scent Safari

Embark on an olfactory adventure with our Scent Safari workshop! In this engaging session, you and your dog will explore the fascinating world of scent work. Learn how to harness your dog's natural olfactory abilities to search for hidden scents, track trails, and solve scent-based puzzles. This workshop is perfect for dogs of all ages and skill levels, providing mental stimulation and enrichment while strengthening the bond between you and your canine companion.  

Where: Chinook Location (515- 70 avenue SW, Calgary AB)

When: Urbank9 Wednesday, June 5th, 12th and 19th at 8:00 pm.