Day School

Our Day School is best in show.

Schoolwork and some play make your pet a good pup.

We’re the only day school facility in Calgary that is staffed entirely by certified dog trainers and has a curriculum developed by a DCBC, CPDT-KSA, and CBCC-KA certified dog trainer. 

Below are some of the reasons that highlight the Dogma Difference

  • More Than Just Daycare: At Dogma, we go beyond traditional daycare. We provide structured play, socialization, and tailored training throughout your pup's stay. From foundation life skills to real world training, we help you guide your dog to becoming a well-mannered urban canine. 
  • A Stress-Free Approach: A no-obligation 15-minute meet-n-greet, with trial days done under the guidance of our senior trainers, we set your dog up for success.
  • Lowest Dog-Staff Ratio: Our commitment to personalized care is evident in our low dog-staff ratio, with a maximum of four dogs per certified trainer. 
  • Transparent Progress Updates: Receive weekly report cards outlining your dog's progress in socialization, obedience, handling, self-control, and more. Stay connected through daily updates and an online portal to track your dog's behaviour. 
  • Customized Training Journey: Every dog at Dogma begins their training journey with a senior trainer, ensuring they're placed in the program that best suits their unique needs. 

Fear-Free Approach: What Sets Us Apart 

We are not a daycare; we are Calgary's exclusive day school with a fear-free approach. What does this mean for your dog? 

  • Quality Over Quantity: Unlike typical large-group play, we prioritize rest, enrichment, and one-on-one training, preventing behaviour concerns like over-excitement and frustration. 
  • Structured Days: Our structured school days teach your dog to settle, engage in appropriate social interactions, and acquire valuable life skills from certified trainers. 
  • Customized Introduction: We take a gradual approach to introducing dogs, minimizing stress and ensuring day school is the right fit. If not, we offer various training programs. 
  • Tailored Behavioral Well-being: Our customized approach focuses on your dog's behavioural well-being, helping them integrate successfully into your family and become a well-mannered urban canine. 
  • Enriching Daily Routine: Each day involves settling with enrichment, individual training walks, social time (max 4 dogs/trainer), life skills training, and specialty activities like agility and nose work. 

All this, plus individual training walks, detailed behaviour tracking, and more for less than the cost of a private consultation!


Dogs are our business so the pleasure stays all yours.

Following your dog’s first day assessment, we’ll recommend one of the following levels:


The early stages of your dog’s life are a critical time for learning. KinderPups classes are active and adorable – perfect for energetic puppies.


Dogma High

After these structured training classes, your dog’s improved behaviour, obedience, social skills and impulse control will have them destined for the honour (sit, stay, and) roll(over).


Follow up your dog’s DogmaHigh diploma with a DogmaU degree. Here they tackle a more advanced course load that focuses on mastering their manners and more advanced skills. Your dog still enjoys the added enrichment of Day School and continued training challenges and structured play.

Ensuring Safety and Your Dog's Well-Being

Our thorough enrollment process ensures a stress-free introduction for your pup and that day school is the right fit for them.

How it works: 

 Meet-n-Greet: Book a complimentary 15-minute session where: 

  • You will bring your dog into a private room to ensure they are comfortable with the new space and our senior team. 
  • You’ll step outside to ensure your dog is comfortable being without you.  
  • They will be introduced to some of our mentor dogs to assess their comfort with other dogs. 

Trial Days: If all goes well they will begin trial days: 

  • Create a profile or log into your account
  • Booked from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm to avoid busy drop-off and pick-up times to ensure a stress-free introduction.  
  • Trial days are conducted by our senior trainers to assess your dog’s overall behaviour, social skills and comfort levels. 
  • If your dog demonstrates fear, reactive, or alone training concerns, they will continue on a trial day program or may be moved to a program to better assess their needs. 

Official Start: Upon successful trial days, your dog officially starts their private school journey with us. 

Book a Meet-n-Greet

After the Meet-n-Greet 

Once your pup has been approved for trial days, the next step is to sign up for our Dogma Membership or one of the bundles below. Due to depth of our day school program, this service requires a membership.

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Rates and Requirements

We accept dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes, but – just like with any great private school, your dog’s got to make the grade to get in. We offer all-inclusive packages and a la carte pricing options.

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Extra Credit

You want the best for your dog, and so do we – it’s why we offer a variety of extras and tutoring packages that range from additional play time to special credit classes, and treats to spa treatments.

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Day School Bundles

Bundled packages provide big savings plus the convenience of membership and day school passes with one transaction, plus perks and access to specialty training programs. These require regular booking and provide better results through consistency. Need more flexibility? Check out our A La Carte Pricing

We recommend completing a meet-n-greet for adult dogs before purchasing. Puppies can sign up for a bundle and start school immediately after a meet-n-greet to ensure a stress-free introduction to our facility.

Bundles include:

  • Dogma Membership
  • One Add-On/Week (up to $50 value per add-on)
  • Regular cooperative care sessions/nail trims
  • Standing reservation with guarantee bookings
  • Option to add virtual consults for only $50
  • Add unlimited monthly class passes for only $200!

Good Student


Avg $180/m Savings

  • 1 day/week
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Star Student


Avg $220/m Savings

  • 2 days/week
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Teacher's Pet


Avg $260/m Savings

  • 3 days/week 
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Top of Class


Avg $425/m Savings

  • Full week 
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Fine Print: 

  • Memberships automatically renew each month on the calendar day of sign up.  
  • Cancellations or pausing your membership requires 5 business days notice or only 75% of the package will be returned. 
  • There are no refunds for payments already processed and fees can be used towards other training services. 
  • Memberships guarantee reservations plus provide large savings. There is no make-up for sick or vacation times up to 2 weeks. If you are going to be gone longer, we recommend pausing. For unexpected circumstances (illnesses), we will transfer the fees for the following month. 
  • Changes can be made once/month and we cannot guarantee availability of other days.  
  • If you want more flexibility, or travel often, we recommend our A La Carte pricing. 

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See the Dogma Difference

Our training programs and day school curriculums were developed by one of the first elite CBCC-KA accredited trainers in the country. At Dogma, we’re committed to giving you and your dog the tools you need to make your life together the best it can be. 

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