KinderPups Day School Program

Our new KinderPups Enrichment Room is open!

We've built out the cutest space that is exclusive to puppies, including their own yard. It's built with a fear-free approach to ensure a positive experience for the puppies.

It's a safe and controlled environment designed with the puppy's safety and fear-free experience in mind. We focus on appropriate socialization, rotating enrichment activities, and training for life skills and manners.

The best part? The space has four walls of the most incredible mural by The Bear & Unicorn. Find out more about the KinderPups program here!

Fear-Free Approach

Welcome to our puppy day school, where we prioritize a stress-free experience for your puppy. We believe that a positive and nurturing atmosphere is essential for the holistic development of puppies. From the paint colors to the flooring, every aspect of our KinderPups private room is designed to ensure your puppy feels safe and secure.

Our program structure is tailored to promote socialization, confidence building, and learning through positive reinforcement techniques. By fostering a fear-free environment, we empower puppies to explore, learn, and grow without anxiety or stress. This approach not only enhances their cognitive and emotional development but also sets the foundation for a lifetime of happy, well-adjusted companionship.

At our puppy day school, we are committed to providing a nurturing and enriching experience that prioritizes your puppy's well-being above all else. 

Comprehensive Learning

We pride ourselves on offering proven programs rooted in the latest techniques and a humane approach to training. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to encompass structured play, socialization, and enrichment activities, providing your puppy with a comprehensive learning experience unlike any other in Calgary.

We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in puppy development and training methodologies. That's why our programs are constantly evolving to incorporate the most effective and humane techniques available. From positive reinforcement training methods to carefully structured play sessions, every aspect of our program is designed to promote your puppy's physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Join us at our puppy day school and experience the difference of our proven programs. Give your puppy the best possible start in life with our unparalleled approach to training, socialization, and enrichment.

Holistic Training Approach

Comprehensive curriculum covering obedience, life skills, and behaviour management for well-rounded puppies.

Expert Guidance & Support

Highly skilled trainers provide personalized attention and expertise to provide unmatched support through puppyhood.

Focus on Prevention

Specialized strategies prevent common behavior issues, ensuring a well-behaved adult dog and an ideal urban canine.

KinderPups Details

Invest in your Puppy Today.

What's Included in KinderPups

Bring your puppy to us 2 (Tuesday and Thursday), 3 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), or 5 (Monday-Friday) times a week. To get the most from our program, we require a minimum one month membership to attend. Pre-pay for 3 months for extra savings.

  • A Dogma Membership
  • Guaranteed reservations with weekly detailed report cards
  • Weekly lessons that include training videos, handouts, and more
  • Join all puppy group classes for FREE
  • An online community with updates, access to our training team, and connect with other KinderPup parents
  • Access to live-streaming classes, virtual clinics, live Q&A's, and seasonal webinars/training tips
  • Monthly one-on-one 30-minute support meeting with one of our Puppy Trainers in-person, by phone, or video (twice monthly for Star Puppy)
  • Video submission training support with our puppy training team with 48 hour response time
  • Star Puppy includes all feature and regular add-ons.
  • Free Puppy Raising E-Book with fun socialization activities.
  • Puppy Growth Equipment Loan Program at no-cost for Star Puppy and reduced rates for Good and Smart Puppy Memberships.
  • Graduate into DogmaHigh Jr once puppy turns 6 months. 
  • Get all of this for substantially less per day than the price of one private training session!

Good Puppy


Start on the Right Paw

  • Attend Tuesday & Thursday
  • Over $300 in savings/month
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Smart Puppy


Lay a Solid Foundation

  • Attend Mon, Wed and Fri
  • Over $400 in savings/month
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Star Puppy


Find Solace and Save Big

  • Attend Monday - Friday
  • Over $900 in savings/month
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Puppy Raising Package


Invest in Your Puppy's Future

  • Pre-pay for 3 months of KinderPups for savings of over $3000!
  • Access to puppy bundle pricing if you enrol your dog into DogmaHigh (not valid if you cancel your membership).
  • Plus, one 30 minute virtual consult per month for the life time of your dog (~$900/year) Consults do not carry over month-month.
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The Fine Print

  • A free 15-minute Meet-n-Greet is required before your puppy can attend KinderPups to ensure we can create a positive experience for them. You can book your Meet-n-Greet here.
  • Memberships automatically renew each month on the calendar day of sign up.  
  • Cancellations or pausing your membership requires 5 business days notice or only 75% of the package will be returned. 
  • There are no refunds for payments already processed and fees can be used towards other training services. 
  • We can provide make-up days for missed days due to illness, as long as they are within our cancellation window.
  • We have strict capacity and dog-trainer ratios, so changes to standing reservations/make-up days may be limited but we do our absolute best to accommodate.
  • Refer to our Terms & Conditions for full details.


We understand that it is a big decision on where to send your puppy. We recommend booking a Meet-n-Greet to see the facility, get to know our trainers, and see what The Dogma Difference is all about. Or feel free to send us your questions below!

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