The Dogma Difference


Setting the Standard


Our Brand Promise: Every decision we make is for the well-being of each individual dog in our care

Our Founder & President, Megan Stanley, recognized the need for qualified professionals in the dog care and training industry.  She knows the the first step is education - she is quadruple certified and has made education the core of her business.

There are no regulations within the dog training and care industry, so Dogma is committed to setting the standard. Each area of the business is designed to ensure the safety and physical and emotional well-being of the dogs. On top of that, the education and experience of the team ensures we are improving the dogs' behaviour.

We welcome dogs of any age, breed and/or behaviour and our training programs are designed to fit any schedule and/or budget. We aim to make training easy and accessible. At the same time, we focus on creating a purpose driven business that takes care of our team. We provide full-time careers, free education and unique and comprehensive employee perks. We were awarded the Empowering Employee Leader Award in 2019 in recognition of our commitment to our team.

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We provide quality dog training 24/7 through our

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