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Quality training to fit any budget or schedule.

We offer training programs for puppies, adult, and fearful/reactive dogs. Join our membership to receive exclusive pricing plus, quality dog training at your fingertips 24/7, virtual training, resources, live-streaming classes, and more. We provide flexible training to fit any budget/schedule:
  • All of our programs are taught by certified trainers.
  • After completing foundation training, progress at your own pace and take advantage of our topic-based classes so you attend training tailored to your dog's need and what interests you.
  • Get personalized report cards after each class, with access to online video resources for members.
  • Puppies under the age of 6 months can attend free socialization and enrichment classes with the option to attend Core Training when they are fully vaccinated.
  • Dogs over the age of 6 months start in our Core or Reactive Dog Training programs to learn the skills in a controlled environment.
  • They move onto our Advanced Training classes where they practice their skills with distractions and work towards off-leash reliability.
  • Real World classes take the training outdoors and to dog-friendly businesses!
  • Purchase class passes (Members: 5 for $235 and 10 for $425 or Non-Members: 5 for $250 and 10 for $450) 
  • Class passes expire after 3 months.

Our programs offer flexibility and topic-style classes to fit you and your dog's needs. Select what track of training you'd like to start for more details.

Puppy Training

Adult Training

Reactive Training

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Puppy Training


Our classes are a great way to safely provide your puppy socialization and practice their skills. For our VIPups class, we focus on setting our puppies up for a lifetime of success by teaching families how to prevent common behavior challenges and teach their puppies foundation skills such as recall, polite greetings, self control and loose leash walking. We mix in some fun trick training along with focus on socialization on and of leash. We encourage the entire family to attend! 

When: Next sessions start  Thursday, February 22nd at 6:30 pm, and run for 5 consecutive weeks

Cost: $250 + gst. 


  • 1st round of vaccinations
  • Under the age of 5 months to start
  • Pre-registration and payment required

Puppy Spirit **Exclusive to VIPups and KinderPUPS attendees**

You and your puppy have built a solid foundation in training, mastering skills like loose leash walking, recall, attention, and more. Now, it's time to take it to the next level with Puppy Spirit! In this program, we address common adolescent behaviors, learn new skills to develop lifelong positive habits, and take our training outdoors. We even add some safe agility fun into the mix while continuing to enhance socialization through controlled playtimes. To celebrate, graduation class is hosted at a beautiful outdoor location!

When: Next session starts Thursday March 7th at 7:15 pm and runs for 5 consecutive weeks

Cost: $250 + gst. 


  • Completed VIPups and/or 5 days of KinderPUPS within the past 4 months
  • Pre-registration and payment required

Puppy Socialization

Our Drop-In Puppy Classes focus on supervised play, socialization, enrichment, and games. Classes run every Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

The best part? It's free/by donation. We are so committed to ensuring all dogs have the opportunity to develop into well-mannered and confident Urban Canines, that we want to ensure all families have access to quality puppy training resources, regardless of financial status. In our line of work, we see far too many dogs with behaviour concerns that could have been prevented/minimized with the right training to start. We want to do all we can to ensure puppies get a solid foundation and appropriate socialization.

How it works:

  1. Create or log into your account.
  2. Upload your puppy's vaccination records* (1st round of shots required to attend class) and fill in you and your dog's details.
  3. Watch the Group Class Orientation webinar.*
  4. Register for any free puppy classes for your dog until they are 6 months or purchase VIPups/Puppy Spirit.
  5. Gain access to our Planned Puppyhood webinar that covers everything you need to know to get your puppy started off on the right paw.
  6. Plus, bonus handouts and webinars on common puppy behaviour concerns.

 * Required for reservation for class to be accepted.

The fine print:

We collect no fees for the Puppy Socialization classes, but encourage those that are able to bring cash donations for Parachutes for Pets. This is an incredible organization that does amazing things for the animals in our community. We will collect and track funds at every class and provide monthly donations for this wonderful group from our puppy classes and other initiatives throughout the year.

Our Puppy classes are popular and we have a strict 8-hour cancellation policy for the Puppy Socialization classes. Cancellation within the 8-hour window or no-shows to class will result in the cancellation of all reservations.

Please ensure your dog's Gingr Profile is up to date and the vaccinations have been uploaded. To ensure the safety of the dogs in our care, the class reservation will be cancelled if the information is not received 24 hours before the class reservation.

A membership is recommended for all puppy families! Membership includes full online training lessons, obedience skills and behaviour problem solving videos, an online community, exclusive membership pricing, and more. Become a member here.

Plus, once your puppy is fully-vaccinated (usually around 4 months), you can attend any of our Core Training classes! Come as often, or as little, as you'd like and focus on specific skills in class.

Check out the class calendar!



Adult Training

Our dog training program will take you and your dog through three training levels. This is the best model to set your dog up for success - learn the skill in a controlled environment, build reliability through distraction training, and then take the training out to the real world! Plus, our in-person classes are topic-based so you can focus on what your dog really needs. 

Core Training: At this level, we cover basic obedience & handling skills, including life skills like recall, table manners, alone training and more! These classes are open to the whole family and are on-leash so more dogs can comfortably enjoy the class while learning that they don't need to play with every dog they are near. 

Advanced Training: At this level, we focus on mastering the skills learned in the Core Training program while adding in distractions and learning to use the skills in new environments. This is where we develop long-lasting and reliable skills.

Real World: This is the final level before your dog becomes a certified Urban Canine! This portion of the program is all about helping your dog navigate the human world. We take classes out to local parks, urban settings, and dog-friendly businesses.

Social Club: We understand that not every dog enjoys off-leash play with new dogs. We also recognize that leash frustration is a common problem that dogs develop. Social club helps with dog-dog interactions, builds off-leash reliability, and provides appropriate play outlets. It allows us to keep our other classes on leash to help develop critical focus and manners. Dogs must be approved for this exclusive, but extra fun, class! 

Dogs must be fully-vaccinated and a membership is recommended.

Check out the class calendar!



Reactive Training

Our human world has a lot going on, and all that busyness can be challenging and scary for a dog. We’ve developed training especially geared towards helping prepare dogs for success in the urban environment. We go far beyond management - we help you build confidence and work as a team so that your dog can enjoy more day-to-day activities with you.

Our program will take you and your dog through three training levels with online lessons and videos for added support. This is the best model to set your dog up for success - learn the skill in a controlled environment, build reliability through distraction training, and then take the training out to the real world!

Foundations Course: Join us for an in-person orientation without dogs to learn more about your dog's behaviour, what to expect for classes, and how to get the most from your training. From there, you'll join us once a week, for four weeks, to gain the foundation skills for your dog in a controlled environment.

Membership: After successfully completing our foundaiton program, you join our membership. This is a comprehensive program where you can attend an unlimited number of our topic-based classes, receive access to online lessons and resources, monthly webinars, live q&a, video support, community walks, and more. We know life with a reactive dog can be challenging, so join a community of support and the most experienced team around.

Dogs must be fully-vaccinated. If your dog has ever bitten a person or another dog, you must  book a consult with one of our certified trainers before attending class.

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