Don’t Let Your Puppy Become “THAT” Kind of Dog

Just like children, puppies are watching you and learning all the time, and if you don’t train them from an early age, you risk having a puppy that quickly turns into a very unruly dog.

It’s really no different than a parent who lets their child do whatever he or she wants, because kids will be kids. The parent might think their child’s delightful, but the rest of us don’t really want to be around that kid, because of the lacking manners and destructive behaviours.


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All Puppy Classes Are Not Equal

We strongly believe in starting your puppy training early because it teaches you and your dog how to work together to navigate this human world in the best way possible. This will help you build confidence, strengthen your bond and develop your relationship together. But all puppy classes are not equal, and you need to know what to look for, and ask about, if you’re going to get the best training for you and your pup!

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