Don’t Let Your Puppy Become “THAT” Kind of Dog

Just like children, puppies are watching you and learning all the time, and if you don’t train them from an early age, you risk having a puppy that quickly turns into a very unruly dog.

It’s really no different than a parent who lets their child do whatever he or she wants, because kids will be kids. The parent might think their child’s delightful, but the rest of us don’t really want to be around that kid, because of the lacking manners and destructive behaviours.

Dogs that bark excessively, jump on people, destroy things, don’t listen, and pull your arm off when you go for a walk, do that because they simply don’t understand there’s a better way.

Training your puppy accomplishes a lot more than just teaching your pup to sit on command. Training is a way to give your puppy the attention he or she is craving, and start the foundation for reinforcing appropriate behaviour in our human world. When you spend that kind of focused time with your dog, it will enhance the relationship for both of you, so you want to spend even more time together.

And isn’t having a best friend to spend time with, really the reason you got a puppy to begin with?

If you have a dog that’s uncontrollable and misbehaved, it’s hard to go anywhere together; and more often than not, that results in a dog that’s left home alone, while everyone else goes out and has fun. Which makes for a bored dog that’s under stimulated and under socialized, and becomes destructive just to relieve the utter tedium. Sadly, it becomes a vicious cycle.

That’s no life for either one of you. And it’s certainly not the picture you had in your head when you got your puppy.

Before it comes to that, start a simple training plan early on. It will teach your puppy that great rewards come for good behaviour, and focused attention on you.

Positive reinforcement is the best training technique you can use with your puppy

And of course, there is positive reinforcement for you too. It’s a proud moment for you when your puppy learns new and wonderful tricks, and it feels great when you get to explore the world together. There are a lot of benefits from a little training.

Training is of course something we are very passionate about at dogma. In fact so much so, we don’t even offer doggie daycare, because we have day school!

At day school, your puppy is trained by a certified trainer, while in our care. We oversee the socialization, and ensure they learn the best of manners, so they become the ultimate canine citizen, and a pleasant family member in your home. And we do it all while you’re at work, at home, or out doing what you have to do. That way when you and your pup come back together, you get to both focus on having a lot of fun together. It’s the best kind of relationship all around.

Talk to one of our day school trainers today!