Rocket Recall: Unleash Your Dog's Epic Speed and Response!

We believe that every dog has the potential to be an ideal urban canine! Today, we're going to dive into one of the most essential skills you can teach your dog: the Rocket Recall. This potentially life-saving skill allows your dog to come running back to you at lightning speed, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind. Learn how to unlock your dog's rocket recall capabilities through the below tips:

Lay a Strong Foundation

The key to a successful rocket recall, is establishing a solid foundation with basic recall training. Ensure your dog understands and responds consistently to a standard recall cue in a controlled environment. Practice the steps below in a quiet space with minimal distractions:

  1. From a short distance say the dog’s name ONCE and then say, ‘Come’.
  2. When the dog starts to come to you begin cheering them on!
  3. Once the dog gets to you, touch their collar, and offer big rewards! Give them a jackpot of treats and praise them for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Release the dog.
  5. If the dog is not coming to you, we need to set them up for success. Practice this exercise with NO distractions.

Don’t Be Cheap

Rocket recalls require an extra boost of motivation. Use irresistible high-value rewards that your dog loves, such as small pieces of cheese, roasted chicken, or hot dog. In some instances, this reward could even be their favourite toy. These special rewards serve as rocket fuel for recall performance.

Build up Distance and Distractions Gradually

Once your dog is acing the basic recall, it's time to increase the difficulty. Gradually increase the distance between you and your pup during training sessions, starting with a few steps, and gradually moving to greater distances. Introduce controlled distractions, such as toys or other friendly dogs, to simulate real-life scenarios. Ensure you are still offering high-value rewards and reward your dog every time they recall, even if it takes a while for them to get to you.

Have fun!

Turn recall training into a thrilling game by incorporating recall races. Find an open space and call your dog while running backward, encouraging them to chase you. Reward their lightning-fast response with enthusiastic praise and high-value rewards. This not only strengthens their recall but also ignites their passion for the game.

Practice in Different Environments

To ensure a rock-solid rocket recall, practice in various environments. Gradually expose your dog to new places such as parks, streets, or other busy areas. Start in low-distraction environments and gradually work your way up to the more challenging settings. This variation in training will help them generalize the recall command and respond reliably, no matter the circumstances.

Reinforce and Maintain

Once your dog has mastered the rocket recall, don't forget to reinforce and maintain this incredible skill. Continue practicing regularly, even after your dog has become a recall superstar. Keep the training sessions fun, rewarding, and engaging to reinforce their enthusiasm and keep their rocket recall skills sharp.

Troubleshooting Tips

Use a long line when starting recall training outside and in distracting environments. This will provide safety and a way to ensure your dog does come to you, so they don’t learn to ignore the cue. Never punish your dog and always offer rewards when they come to you. Strengthen the recall by rewarding your dog for check-ins even when you haven’t asked them to come. Reward good choices!

Enjoy the exciting journey to teach your dog the art of rocket recall. With a solid foundation, motivation, and consistent training, your dog will soon be zooming back to you with impressive speed and enthusiasm. Recall training helps to unlock your dog's full potential and keep them safe. So, grab your treats, and get out and practice while having fun with your dog!