The Case Against Collars in Dog Groups: Why They are More Harmful Than Helpful

The Case Against Collars in Dog Groups: Why They are More Harmful Than Helpful 

Dog daycare can be a great way for dogs to socialize and play, but it's important to make sure that the are safe and comfortable while they are there. A common practice in dog daycare and group play is to require dogs to wear collars, but this poses a number of risks to the dogs. In this blog post, we will explore why we keep the dogs “naked” at day school as part of the Dogma Difference. 

Why Collars Can Be Dangerous: 

Collars may seem harmless, but in a group play environment they pose several risks: 

Strangulation: Collars can get caught on toys, equipment, or other dogs, which can result in strangulation and even death. This risk drastically increases with larger groups, which is another reason why we keep our groups to a maximum of 8 dogs. 

Neck Injuries: Collars can cause neck injuries when dogs are playing rough. Pulling by another dog on a collar may lead to bruising, swelling, or damage to the trachea. 

Escaping: Collars can also be a liability if a dog manages to slip out of them, and this often happens if the collar isn't properly fitted or if it gets snagged on something. Did you know that to prevent this from happening while outside with the Dogma dogs, they all go out on a double leash system; one attached to a collar and the other to a harness? 

Why It's Best for Dogs to Be Naked in Dog Daycare: 

Safety: Simply allowing dogs to be naked and not wear collars eliminates the potential safety hazards associated with them. Dogs are free to play and move around without any restrictions or concerns about getting caught up on something. 

Comfort: Not wearing collars also ensures that dogs are comfortable. They can run, jump, and play without any additional weight or pressure around their necks. 

Health: Not wearing collars can also help prevent skin irritations, rashes, or hair loss that often occurs with extended collar use. 

The Dogma Difference: 

Dog daycare and group play can be a great opportunity for dogs to socialize and exercise, but unfortunately, many facilities prioritize convenience over the safety and well-being of the dogs. At Dogma's day school, however, the safety and comfort of the dogs are our top priority. We require our dogs to be naked - free of collars - to eliminate any potential safety hazards and ensure that they are healthy and comfortable while in training. 

Collars may seem harmless, but even with break-away collars, the risk of strangulation and neck injuries remains high, especially in a group play environment. We learned this lesson the hard way at Dogma after one of our dogs got their mouth caught on another dog's break-away collar. This unfortunate incident led us to the decision to completely remove collars from our facility. Although managing dogs without collars requires more training and attention, the safety and well-being of our dogs will always take top priority over anything else. 

Instead of relying on collars to grab and move dogs around, the team at Dogma rely on their training and skills to manage the dogs safely. Our facility is staffed by certified trainers who know how to handle dogs in a way that minimizes injury, fear, and frustration. To ensure our dogs stay safe and happy, all team members carry leashes for emergency situations, but we've found that our dogs are most comfortable and stress-free when they are “naked”. 

In summary, at Dogma, we understand that dogs need a safe and comfortable environment to thrive. By eliminating collars and relying on our certified trainers' skills and training, we are confident that our dogs receive the best care possible. We hope other facilities will follow our lead and prioritize the safety and well-being of the dogs in their care as we do at Dogma.