Reactive Training

Fear and Reactivity Can Be Helped.

Reactive Dog Training Membership: Your Path to Canine Confidence 

Embark on a transformative journey with our Reactive Dog Training Membership, a program refined over two decades to offer unparalleled support for both you and your dog. Say goodbye to the challenges of reactive behaviour, and hello to a community that ensures you're never alone in your efforts to make your dog feel secure. 

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Classes to Set Your Dog Up for Success

 Getting Started: $350 One-time Fee 

Before committing to our membership, take a sneak peek into our world: 

  • Orientation: Meet one of our seasoned trainers, understand your dog's behaviour, get acquainted with our class environment, and connect with other like-minded dog owners. Next orientation is July 30th at 7 pm!
  • 4-Week Foundation Group Class: Ensure your dog's comfort in our space and lay the foundation for essential foundation skills. Next session runs Thursday evenings August 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th at 6:30 pm.
  • Access to Online Program: Practice training at home with our 4-week online program. 
  • Reactive Foundations Community: Join our exclusive community for class summaries, weekly training tips, and direct access to our training team and fellow students. 

Monthly Membership: Starting at $30/month After Foundation Program Completion 

Once you've completed the foundation program, unlock the full potential of our monthly membership, designed to resolve your dog’s fear and reactivity concerns: 

  • Unlimited Access to Topic-Based Classes: Opportunity to attend at least 2 classes/week covering leash reactivity, building confidence, handling, agility, self-control, play groups, specialty workshops and more. 
  • Live-Stream Option: Join classes from the comfort of your home with our live-streaming feature. 
  • Online Community: Engage in live training tips, twice monthly Q&A sessions, virtual classes, webinars, and access a wealth of training resources. 
  • One-on-One Coaching Programs: Receive personalized coaching with video reviews to aid in your dog's training. Available 24/7 with 48 hour turn around. It's like having your own personal trainer to support you and your dog.
  • Workbook: We’ve created a step-by-step workbook to guide you in your journey with your dog. 
  • Community Meet-Ups: Connect with other families facing similar challenges, with and without dogs, fostering a supportive network. 
  • Reactive Group Walks: Explore the city with your dog, progressing their training in a group setting. 
  • Exclusive Access and Pricing: Enjoy special events, workshops, and more at exclusive rates. 
  • Social Network: Find appropriate playmates and training partners within our community. 

At Dogma, we believe in creating a supportive environment where you and your dog can thrive. Join our Reactive Dog Training Membership and pave the way for a confident and happy canine companion.

Program Options 

Foundation Training 

Before joining our comprehensive membership designed to support families living with fearful/reactive dogs, you begin with our foundation program. This lays a solid foundation and focuses on decompression and focus. It includes an in-person orientation to help you better understand your dog's behaviour and how to get the most from the training.

Next session starts with Orientation on July 30th at 7 pm!

Reactive Urban Canine Foundation Program


Starting Requirement - One-Time Fee

  • In-Person Orientation
  • 4-week in-person classes
  • Virtual community 
  • Personalized report cards
  • Online training resources
  • Foundation skills to build confidence and gain focus
  • Join the Reactive Urban Canine Membership upon successful completion
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Membership Options

Living with a fearful or reactive dog presents a unique set of challenges, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding journey. Recognizing the need for specialized support beyond conventional training classes, we've developed a program that stands out as the most comprehensive option available. Our approach is centered on flexibility and tailored solutions to address the specific needs of both you and your canine companion.

As a member, you'll enjoy exclusive access to all our classes via live-stream, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your home, creating an environment that best supports your dog. Joining our community connects you with like-minded dog enthusiasts, providing a valuable network for resources, support, and potential training partners. Additionally, you gain full access to our experienced senior training team, with the option to submit videos for personalized feedback – essentially, your own private training team without the expense of individual sessions.

Our primary focus is on cultivating a community that comprehends the unique challenges and joys of living with fearful or reactive dogs. Together, we collaborate to create a safe space for dogs to thrive and evolve into confident urban companions.

Choose from our monthly options or opt for the 6 and 12-month programs, which offer significant savings. You also have the flexibility to include unlimited group classes in your membership or purchase passes for individual classes based on your schedule and evolving needs. It's worth noting that all our classes, except for outdoor, group walks and in-person meet-ups, are available virtually.

Embark on this journey with us, and let's build a supportive community that understands, appreciates, and works collectively to help dogs feel secure while transforming them into well-adjusted urban canines.

Monthly Membership

  • Access to live-streaming of all classes
  • One-on-one coaching available
  • Connect with others who live with fearful/reactive dogs in our online community
  • Workbook for you to track your training progress
  • Community meet-ups with and without our dogs, including group walks or various activities around our city.
  • Exclusive pricing and access to events
  • Access to both the Dogma Member and the Reactive Urban online communities
  • Must complete Foundations program 

Reactive Urban Canine Membership


Flexible Class Options

  • Option to purchase class passes ($235 and $425 for 5 and 10 class pass with 3 month expiry)
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Reactive Urban Canine Membership Unltd Classes


Up to $200 in savings each month!

  • Unlimited access to topic-based classes - minimum 2/week 
  • Reactive walks/adventures
  • Book virtual consult for only $50
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Commit to the training for big savings

  • Sign up for 6 or 12 months of support and access to in-person training
  • Includes Foundations Program, plus 5 or 11 months of membership OR 6 or 12 months of membership if you have completed Reactive classes with us with your current dog.
  • Option to add in-person class passes or have access to unlimited classes.
  • Includes everything in our membership for savings when paid for upfront!

3-Month Beyond Foundations Unltd Classes


Up to $600 in savings

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6-Month Finding Focus Unltd Classes


Up to $1300 in savings

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12-Month Resolving Reactivity Unltd Classes


Up to $2500 in savings

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Reactive Membership Calendar

Customized Training for Your Dog

We understand schedules can make attending training difficult. We also know that you may be looking for one-on-one training to best set your dog up for success. We have a variety of private training options such as:

  • In-person consultations at your home, at one of our facilities, or at a location of your choice
  • Virtual sessions that can be done from anywhere across the globe
  • Additional support for classes


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DogmaHigh, Calgary's Exclusive Dog Day School

Our comprehensive dog day school program can be a great option to help build confidence and focus in fearful/reactive dogs. However, classes and/or a private consult is required to ensure it is the best choice for your dog. 

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