Why bring your dog to a Doggy Daycare when you can go to school instead?

dogma takes the concept of doggy daycare and turns it on its head! There are NO little dog packs running around in an unruly environment, at dogma. We limit the number of dogs in each class to a maximum of 10, in order to maintain our strict safety protocols.

PLUS, your dog is trained by a certified dog trainer, while he or she is in our care. That’s the difference between a dog daycare and a day school!

We are the only dog daycare facility in Calgary that has a curriculum developed by a DCBC, CPDT-KSA, and a CBCC-KA certified dog trainer. That means your dog gets to take advantage of a level of instruction that’s usually only offered to people attending high level dog training classes. Instead your dog gets that kind of training, while you’re at work, or out and about doing your thing.


Getting your puppy started off on the right paw is our goal for kinderPUPS. The early stages of your dog’s life is a critical time for learning, and we want to make the best of it. That’s why we make sure these classes are limited in size, and that your puppy gets individual attention with one of our certified trainers. First day assessments are booked Tuesday through Thursday and your puppy would spend their full day working on their training & socialization with a certified trainer. The classes are fun and active, with lots of time for rest and play, so that your puppy can have the best day possible. 

dogmaHigh is not your typical doggy daycare. Our day school is a structured training and socialization program to improve and maintain your dog’s behavior and social skills. Our certified trainers will teach your dog obedience training, polite manners, and self control exercises, while they enjoy time socializing and playing with their class mates. First day assessments are booked Tuesday through Thursday and your dog would spend their full day working on their training & socialization with a certified trainer. Training your best friend couldn’t be easier! Let us do the bulk of the work for you so you can better enjoy time with your dog. 



Once your dog has achieved a dogma High diploma, it’s on to advanced education! The dogmaUniversity curriculum works on your dog’s basic obedience skills, socialization, manners, and a whole lot more. As your dog attains each degree, he or she will be mastering the skills necessary to be a polite and well-behaved dog you can be proud of!


Our understanding of dog behaviour allows us to set up a structured daycare environment that improves your dog’s behaviour. To do this, our private school program ensures attending day school is the right choice for each dog. When your dog has mastered basic obedience, manners, attention, and socialization, they graduate into dogmaALUMNI! These dogs have demonstrated that day school is appropriate for them, they enjoy play with all dogs and no longer need a structured and individualized training plan. They still receive the same benefits of added enrichment and training each day and become mentors for the younger dogs joining our school. 


We accept all breeds, ages, and sizes of dog, just like any great private school, your dog has to pass some requirements in order to make the roster.


If you want to put your dog on the fast track, take advantage of the extra training and tutoring packages we offer. It will put your dog on an accelerated learning path. Choose from additional training and play times, special treats, spa treatments, and/or grooming services, to make it a really awesome day for your pooch!