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Our new KinderPups Enrichment Room is open!

We've built out the cutest space that is exclusive to puppies, including their own yard. It's built with a fear-free approach to ensure a positive experience for the puppies.

It's a safe and controlled environment designed with the puppy's safety and fear-free experience in mind. We focus on appropriate socialization, rotating enrichment activities, and training for life skills and manners.

The best part? The space has four walls of the most incredible mural by The Bear & Unicorn. Find out more about the KinderPups program here!

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Is your dog under 6 months and you'd like to do some training and socialization with them?

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Adult Dogs

Is your dog over the age of 6 months and needs some continued training?

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Fearful/Reactive Pups

Does your dog struggle with fear/reactivity and you need some support?

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Your best friend,

now even better.

We know your dog deserves the best. What makes us different is knowing you do too. We’re in the business of giving you an even better best friend – so the time you spend together can be quality uncompromised by a lack of training.

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Day School

More than a daycare, we care for all your dog’s days.

Dogma is not a daycare. At Dogma your dog is more than supervised, they’re trained by  certified dog trainers and given personalized attention. We have structured training programs for your dog.

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Group Classes

We make your dog our business so the pleasure stays all yours.

Our online and on-site training is specifically designed with your relationship with your dog in mind. At Dogma, you can rest easy knowing our dog training programs are designed by our in-house world-renowned trainer.

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Private Training

For when you and your dog need some extra special attention.

If you would rather your dog get one-on-one training, if they need a little extra attention or are experiencing a particular behavioural problem, private training is for you. Virtual and in-person options available.

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Monthly Membership

Quality dog training at your fingertips 24/7.

Become a Dogma Member to gain access to hundreds of training videos, handouts and webinars. And virtual and live-streaming classes, member-only services, promotions, and a community of like-minded dog lovers. 

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See the Dogma Difference

Our training programs and day school curriculums were developed by one of the first elite CBCC-KA accredited trainers in the country. At Dogma, we’re committed to giving you and your dog the tools you need to make your life together the best it can be. 

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This is why we do what we do

“I’m not sure what magic you folks are doing with Ruffian at daycare, but in the past 3 weeks since starting daycare, his behaviour at the park (with and without his ball) has improved dramatically. Not to mention his ‘drop’ command is actually working the majority of the time rather than just being a suggestion. Thank you!!!”

Darlene with Ruffian

“Although Sully is still just a puppy and has his moments, he has come a long way with the help of all the trainers at dogma. He always comes home a tired and happy puppy from kinderPUPS. The trainers make a noticeable difference in encouraging good behaviours and addressing his not so good habits! Sully responds really well to the positive training techniques used by dogma. He is always beyond excited to see his favourite dogma trainers. dogma’s PUPS Socialization classes, kinderPUPS and urbanK9 have also been extremely helpful for me by teaching me how to enjoy and have confidence in my own dog, how to read other dogs, and how to appropriately discourage bad behaviours. Thank you for all of your hard work!!"

Amber with Sully

“…All of you do such an awesome job at Dogma. Some of the faces have changed since we first started coming to Dogma – but one thing has stayed the same: your love of the dogs and your commitment to making Dogma the absolute BEST daycare in Calgary. Buster will miss not being a regular at Dogma U, but like I say, I’ll make sure we visit a couple of times a month so he is not a complete stranger. And I will miss you. Dropping Buster off before work, and picking him up after has been a big part of my routine. You guys have made our days very special. Thank you so much.”

Michael & Buster

“If anyone wonders if the KinderPups program is a good one, here’s a photo of my Enzo walking confidently on the grating at Westbrook Station. There’s a lot of it there & when the trains pass underground it echoes & there’s all sorts if noises. Enzo was exposed to grates, different textures & sounds at KinderPups daycare; and so he didn’t think twice about walking on the strange textures or hearing different sounds. My previous dog, I could never get him to try walking on grates, anywhere. Thanks, KinderPups”

Jackie with Enzo

“I wanted to write a thank you note to both of you for all the suggestions and work you have done with Pax over the years. Most recently, you came over to help us with issues around Pax and my daughter Emma – we had worked hard on all the suggestions you gave and now that Emma is almost two and Pax is almost 12, I am happy to report that the two of them are best buddies. I could not ask for a better dog for Emma – he is unbelievably patient, loving, affectionate and gentle, they love to be together and will seek each other out often for attention and play.

We were told by family, breeders, friends and doctors to put Pax down as he was 10 and had “lived a good life” and the risk of potential aggression towards Emma was not worth any gain. They were wrong. Pax has never hurt Emma nor has he shown any aggression towards her and I am so happy we made the decision to work with you to find a solution for him and for us. He continues to be a loving family pet and a vital and important part of Emma’s young life.

Although he is now quite hard of hearing, with poor vision and incontinence, we are happy to have him in our lives and will continue to do our best for him in the remaining years he has here with us.

Thank you both for your expertise and support. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

The Geyer’s and Pax

“I just wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing program. Not only have I noticed such an improvement with Murphy but also with myself. I’ve already been in situations with him where I’m impressed with how confidently I handled it, compared to even a few months ago. I know Murphy (and me) still have a ways to go but I’m really happy we have made such great progress.”

Courtney with Murphy

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