Get your puppy started off on the right paw with YYC's most comprehensive puppy options!

It really helps when you understand a dog's language, behavioural cues, and how to communicate with them properly. Our puppy training programs are designed with the special needs of a young dog in mind.

Of course it’s not just all about puppy training! We help our human friends understand the basics of dog behaviour, and what you can do to help your puppy grow up to be a happy, and successful dog in this human world.

Puppyhood goes by so quickly! So start training with your puppy early, because it is the most informative time in your dog's life.

To give your puppy the best start possible, we’ve developed a comprehensive program that covers training, socialization, overall manners, and solving problem behaviors, before they even start. To make sure you get all the training you need, we’ve created all-inclusive memberships. That means you can train all you want at the pace that suits your puppy best.

The result is a happy well-behaved puppy, who fits perfectly into your home, and into your life.


We want to ensure every puppy has the opporutunity to start on the right paw, which is why we offer this FREE educational webinar. Our training programs are designed to make training convenient and work within your schedule. This online option prevents the need to do an in-person orientation and gets you into VIPUPS class faster!

This one-hour video will help you determine which of the below puppy training options is the best for your puppy. It makes it convenient and really easy to to learn how to effectively communicate with your new dog.
This session is the first, and most critical, step in creating a well-mannered and confident dog, who can go anywhere with you. Once you’re done, simply choose the puppy training package that’s right for you, and get started!


Your Very Important Puppy deserves to grow up into a well-mannered dog that you can take anywhere with you. V.I.PUPS is our group class option that offers puppies training in obedience, walking on a leash, recall, and so much more. This is the best value for puppy training in YYC. Our unique membership format allows you the flexibility to come as often or as little as you require.

You will both get to work closely with a certified trainer, so you and your puppy can get the most out of every training class. These classes run twice per week and you can drop in as often as you’d like for the duration of your membership. An added bonus – the Planned Puppyhood webinar and  PUPS Playtime is included at no extra cost with every V.I.PUPS membership!

PUPS Playtime

Your Very Important Pup deserves to grow up into a well-mannered dog that you can take anywhere with you. Puppy Playtime focuses on developing great manners and socialization, as well as behaviour problem solving and prevention, to make sure your puppy blossoms into a happy and confident dog that does well in any urban situation. These run once per week and require pre-registration each time you attend.

Did you know playtime is included in our V.I.PUPS membership?


KinderPUPS sets a brand new standard when it comes to daycare for your dog. At our day school, every puppy in our program gets training from a certified trainer, so your puppy can become a well-socialized dog, right from the very start. First day assessments are booked Tuesday through Thursday and your puppy would spend their full day working on their training & socialization with a certified trainer.  With a limited number of puppies allowed at dayschool, and specially designed areas made just for puppies, you can be sure that your newest addition will be safe and sound – and well trained too!


Well behaved puppies are made by taking the best puppy training you can get in Calgary!

We offer a variety of puppy training packages to suit your style and budget.

Memberships For VIPUPS Obedience Classes
Puppy Jump Start
$365 or Payment Plan $195 +gst/month for 2 months
Puppy Primer
$920 or Payment Plan $165 +gst/month for 6 months
Ivy League Puppy
$1675 or Payment Plan $155 +gst/month for 12 months