Helping make your best friend, even better

January is APDT's National Train Your Dog Month - a time to bring awareness to the importance of socialization and training, and most of all, to help you understand that training your dog can be easy and fun! There are two things you'll hear us say often at Dogma:

  1. "Training should be fun!"
  2. "Dogs are family."

To ensure you feel the same, for the month of January, we are going to break down the basic principles of dog training. Follow along for free resources and fun ways to ensure you can help your dog integrate successfully into your family and our busy human world.

We will be updating this page weekly with new webinars, promotions and contests. Enter each weekly contest for your chance to win the Grand Prize - a basket full of dog training goodies and a $100 Dogma gift certificate to use for any of our training services!

Free Webinars

We know that the more people understand about their canine family members, the better our dog's lives will be. When dogs understand what is expected of them, and their physical and mental needs are being met, they live happier, stress-free lives. And when that happens, we enjoy our time together more and they can participate in more day-to-day activities with us. 

For Train Your Dog Month, we will be releasing a free webinar each week! Members, you will get additional training videos weekly that dive deep into some core concepts to help further your dog's training.

January 4

A webinar that shares one of the most powerful, yet most overlooked, approaches to training. Learn what it is and how to easily apply for long-lasting and reliable results!

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January 10

This skill builds off the concept of capturing and is the foundation of all training you will do with your dog. It's a simple, yet powerful way to build attention and excel your training.

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January 17

Your dog is learning skills and new habits even when training is not actively happening. Learn how to take advantage of this and easily build training into every day life!

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January 24

Rewards are misunderstood when it comes to dog training. It's not just about food and giving your dog treats. Learn how to use life rewards to accelerate your training!

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January 31

Dog training is so much more than obedience skills. Learn how understanding more about your dog's needs can improve their behaviour and enhance your relationship.

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Free Training Videos - Members Only

If you are already a Dogma Member, you know we've got a large library of online resources for training your dog. However, we wanted to help celebrate Train Your Dog Month with our members by releasing some in-depth videos on core skills. We will release these every Thursday in your membership content - click below or access directly under the Train Your Dog Month category. Please note you will need to be signed in to access the link. Reactive UrbanK9 Members, you must access via your membership product

January 6

Speed up your training and build more reliability through the use of rewards. Learn how to understand your dog's motivation to make training more fun for everyone!

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January 13

We say it all the time at Dogma - that attention is the foundation of all training. If your dog is not focused, everything else is a struggle. These tips will help build solid attention.

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January 20

Loose leash walking is a challenging skill for most dogs. Building on attention, we will break it down into simple steps so you can both enjoy your walks together more

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January 27

Recall is a potentially life-saving skill. It also helps you feel confident taking your dog off-leash and at helping to keep them safe. A few solid tips will help your dog build a rocket recall.

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Exclusive Promotions

Part of the Dogma Difference is making dog training easy and accessible. We've got a wide range of programs to fit any schedule or budget. To celebrate Train Your Dog Month, we have some great promotions that are only available this month! 

Contests and More!

We will have weekly training challenges that you can enter via social media and/or on our online member community. Each time you do a challenge, you will be entered to win the grand prize - a gift basket filled with training goodies for you and your dog and a $100 gift certificate for any Dogma service.

Follow along here and our social media channels (@dogmatraining) for more training tips, resources and your chance to win!