Our dog training programs are designed by our very own world-renowned trainer.

At dogma, we know that great training will help you build a solid relationship with your dog. In order to achieve that level of success with our clients, our owner, Megan Stanley, achieved the highest possible accreditation available for dog trainers – the CBCC-KA. She was one of the first of four people in Canada to attain this high standing, and is currently only one of 161 worldwide to hold this elite status.

The curriculum she developed uses all the possible top-notch training techniques to advance your dog. Our dog training is also centered on positive reinforcement, in a supportive environment, allowing your dog to move forward with confidence.

We will teach you the basics about dog behavior and language, so that you can communicate with your dog, build trust, and feel confident too.

Plus, dogma’s membership program allows you to access as much training as you want to attend during the week, as long as the class is equivalent to your current level of training achievements.

That means you and your dog get exactly the right amount of training, for your pace and schedule.

Group Training

Group training classes are a great way for your dog to socialize and learn, in a program made to attain the best possible results. We use the most up-to-date and proven methods in the industry, to give your dog the best advantage.

We also teach you how to understand your dog, so you can build a solid foundation of trust together, which will help you to truly unleash your dog’s inner spirit.

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Private Training
Sometimes a dog needs extra attention during training, especially if there’s a particular behavioral problem. Or if you’d just rather one-on-one training for your dog, Private Training is the perfect option.

Our training is tailored specifically to the needs of your pet. You can choose to train at our facility, in your home, or a location of your choice. We can help you with basic obedience; manners; fear, reactivity, or aggression concerns; or any other problems you might be experiencing with your dog.


We work with any breed, any age, and we can help you solve just about any problem.

Specialty Clinics

At dogma, we always go the distance when it comes to your dog’s training and education. Why? Because we’re passionate about improving the human-canine relationship. That’s why we’ve developed a number of specialty clinics for you to enjoy with your pet, that go beyond our regular training classes. We promise it will be a fun adventure for both of you!

Terms and Conditions

At dogma, we want to make sure every dog in our care is safe and sound, in both our day school, and our training programs. In order to do that, we have specific health and safety policies our staff, and clients, must follow.