The dogma of House Training

The key to effective house training is supervision, prevention and feeding schedules. As your puppy gets older, they will be better able to control their bladder and will be able to hold it for longer. Allow your puppy do this on their own time because if training is rushed, problems may develop. Most puppies are not reliably house trained until they are at least 6 months old.

The key points to success in housetraining are below:

Prevention: Supervise your puppy! They should not be out of your sight during the housetraining process. Use umbilical cording (have the puppy attached to your leash around your waist) and monitor them.

Confinement: Use your crate to assist with supervision. If you cannot supervise them, they should be in their crate (see The dogma of Crate Training post for assistance with crate training). If you take your dog outside and they do not go, put them back in their crate. Try again in 30 minutes. For longer periods, pen them in a larger area to avoid them soiling him their crate.

Reward: Shower your puppy with praise and give them a food reward immediately after they go to the bathroom outside. You should be out with them to reward them right after they go.Interrupt: Say “Ah! Ah! Potty Time!” at the start of any mistakes then take him outside to finish. If he finishes outside, praise and reward. If not, put him in his kennel and try again shortly.

Schedules: Feed your puppy on a schedule and take them out within 15 minutes after eating. Do this also after they’ve drunk water or had a play session. Take them out immediately after coming out of their crate.

No punishment: If you catch your puppy eliminating, simply say ‘no’ and redirect your puppy to the appropriate area to eliminate. You MUST catch your puppy in the act of eliminating to do this. If you find an accident after the fact, you cannot redirect your puppy as they will not understand. Simply clean up the accident (with a cleaning product specifically for pet urine) and understand that you need to better supervise your puppy.

Patience: Understand your new puppy will not reliably be housetrained immediately. Work with them to teach them where to go, supervise and be consistent.