Webinars at your Fingertips And Specialty Clinics

Learn from Canada's leading dog training company as we support you through all of your dog's life stages. From foundation training, specialty skills, behaviour and more. We add new topics regularly and have many more exciting things in store for today's discerning dog owners.

Browse through the available webinars and clinics below and start training today.

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Virtual Canine Mensa Clinic

Did you know your dog is a genius? It's incredible what dogs can do and this clinic is all about helping you bring out their inner Mensa. Be amazed as we demonstrate your dog's problem-solving abilities and teach them new skills such as counting and identifying colours!

When: February 17th at 6:30 pm
Cost: Free for Smart & Top Dog Members
          $10 for Good Dog Members
          $30 for Non-Members


Planned Puppyhood

We want to ensure every puppy has the opportunity to start on the right paw, which is why we offer this FREE educational webinar. Our training programs are designed to make training convenient and work within your schedule. It makes it convenient and really easy to to learn how to effectively communicate with your new dog. This session is the first, and most critical, step in creating a well-mannered and confident dog, who can go anywhere with you. We will cover some training basics, how to effectively communicate to your puppy, active socialization and tips on preventing problem behaviours from developing!


Dog Talk

Do you often wonder what your dog is communicating to yourself, family members or other dogs? Dogs communicate primarily through body language and this webinar will help you correctly understand more about how they do this. Through picture and video examples, you will leave this session with a deep comprehension and a better understanding of dog speak.


How to Train your Spouse

A fun approach to help you better understand how your dog learns. This informative session will cover all of the basics in learning theory to help you become a better spouse..er, dog...trainer. We can assure you that the relationship with your dog and others will improve after watching this!


Understanding Fear & Reactivity

We must understand that our dogs are having a hard time, not giving us a hard time. This information webinar will help you better understand the why behind your dog's behaviour, how to better communicate and the steps in their journey towards resolving their fears and/or reactivity.

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