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Learn from Canada's leading dog training company as we support you through all of your dog's life stages. From foundation training, specialty skills, behaviour and more. We add new topics regularly and have many more exciting things in store for today's discerning dog owners.

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Smart and Top Dog Members

Watch the community for reminders on upcoming virtual clinics included in your membership! Attend live or watch the recording at your convenience after the session to not miss out on the training. Is there a new skill you want to learn or a focus area in your training you would like to cover in depth? Let us know, we are happy to accommodate requests! 

January Sessions:
Saturday, January 8th at 10 am Ask a Trainer
Saturday, January 8th at 4 pm Indoor Enrichment
Saturday, January 22nd at 12 pm Shaping 

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Membership Options

Urbank9/Puppy Agility Workshop

Agility is an excellent relationship builder, increases confidence in your dog, teaches them to follow your direction and is one of the most fun things you can do with your dog! No previous experience required. 

Where: Killarney Location

When: 4 weeks beginning Monday, February 28th 
            6:30 pm

Cost:  Members $175 + gst
           Non Members $200 + gst


Enroll in Urbank9/Puppy Agility Workshop

Reactive Agility Workshop

This is a favourite class for our reactive and fearful dogs! Building off the skills from Reactive urbanK9, continue building your dog's confidence and focus through this fun class. Introduce your dog to all agility equipment and learn how to run them through full courses. Keep your dog's focus on you and tail wagging while there are other dogs in the room and new people. This is a safe and controlled class designed to further our dog's progression and is one you do not want to miss! Class runs for one hour per week for 4 weeks. No previous experience required.

Where: Killarney Location

When: 4 weeks beginning Monday, February 28th
            7:30 pm

Cost:  Members $175 + gst
           Non Members $200 + gst


Enroll in Reactive Agility Workshop

Virtual Indoor Agility Clinic!

The cold weather months have arrived! When the weather is less than ideal it is great to have mental stimulation enrichment activities such as indoor agility to drain your dogs energy while being out of the elements. Join us for a fun filled session working our dogs brain and draining some physical energy thinking outside the box using common household items for equipment. Hosted via zoom. 

When: January 16th at 4pm

Cost:  $25 for Dogma members
           $30 for Non-Members


Kongs and Soothers Interactive Webinar

We understand adding a family member can be a busy time that can bring a level of uncertainty with the changing dynamics in the household. Join us to learn a wide range of skills such as how to prepare for baby's arrival, set up the initial greetings, manage interactions and more through this interactive webinar. We will have discussion throughout the session as well as a Q&A portion.   This session is hosted via Zoom.

When: February 13th at 10 am MST
Cost:  $25 for Current members
           $30 for Non-Members


Planned Puppyhood

We want to ensure every puppy has the opportunity to start on the right paw, which is why we offer this FREE educational webinar. Our training programs are designed to make training convenient and work within your schedule. It makes it convenient and really easy to to learn how to effectively communicate with your new dog. This session is the first, and most critical, step in creating a well-mannered and confident dog, who can go anywhere with you. We will cover some training basics, how to effectively communicate to your puppy, active socialization and tips on preventing problem behaviours from developing!


Dog Talk

Do you often wonder what your dog is communicating to yourself, family members or other dogs? Dogs communicate primarily through body language and this webinar will help you correctly understand more about how they do this. Through picture and video examples, you will leave this session with a deep comprehension and a better understanding of dog speak.


How to Train your Spouse

A fun approach to help you better understand how your dog learns. This informative session will cover all of the basics in learning theory to help you become a better spouse..er, dog...trainer. We can assure you that the relationship with your dog and others will improve after watching this!


Understanding Fear & Reactivity

We must understand that our dogs are having a hard time, not giving us a hard time. This information webinar will help you better understand the why behind your dog's behaviour, how to better communicate and the steps in their journey towards resolving their fears and/or reactivity.