Give your dog real confidence with our training specifically built for reactive dogs

Our human world has a lot going on, and all that busyness can be challenging, and very scary for a dog. We've developed two specific training tracks to help dogs who are reactive at home, and/or out in the urban environment. You can choose the Focus Track or the Confidence Track to help your reactive dog.

If your dog is only showing reactivity when walking on a leash, the Focus Track will be the right one for you.

But if your dog has noticeable signs of fear with people, new environments, new things, and with other dogs, then the Confidence Track will be your best choice.

No matter which one you choose, your dog will learn basic obedience and manners, and how to be more comfortable in our active human world. And our all-inclusive memberships allow you to access as much training as you want during the week for your chosen track. That gives you the ability to set the perfect training pace for you and your pooch.

Our accredited trainers will make sure you and your dog are completely ready to move on to the next training phase, before you graduate. If your dog is still showing signs of reactivity, they will recommend that you complete the other Foundations course before moving on to Focus & Reliability. Naturally, your all-inclusive membership gives you full access to all the training levels you need to be fully successful with your dog. That’s the way we roll here at dogma.

Understanding Reactivity Webinar

Our Understanding Reactivity webinar will teach you everything you need to know about our Reactive urbanK9 Program. We provide you with the information you need to better understand your dog’s behavior, and why your dog is acting out of fear. Once you have those basics, we will teach you how you can support your reactive dog in a healthy and positive way, so that you can both feel more comfortable. Before you begin the hands on class work, we teach you about dog behaviour and how to communicate with them properly. This prepares you and sets you and your dog up for success before you come to class. Your membership begins after you watch your orientation webinar, which means that you get all the benefits of our elite training programs, right away!

Unable to attend classes? You can sign up for the webinar only through here. This webinar is included in your class registration, so be sure to select the Register Now button below to enroll!



Foundations For Reactive Dogs
The goal of Foundations for Reactive Dogs is to move your dog's attention from everything going on in the environment, to you instead, for appropriate behavioral cues. You can choose the Focus Track or the Confidence Track. Both will be held in a distraction-free environment, in order for your dog to get the most out of this training. By the end of the course, you will have a calmer and more attentive dog, well on the way to mastering a strong foundation in the basics of obedience, and polite manners.
Focus & Reliability
For Reactive Dogs

After your dog has mastered off leash skills, and you graduate from Focus and/or Confidence Foundations, you will be invited to build on your expertise in Focus & Reliability for Reactive Dogs. We give you a greater challenge by adding more distractions into the environment, to improve your dog’s attention span. These classes are a lot of fun, and include agility, movement, play, and approaching other dogs and people. Everything works toward building your dog’s confidence to become more comfortable during interactions, as well as visiting places with loud sounds, or fast-moving objects.

Real World For
Reactive Dogs

Nothing will help your dog feel more confident out and about in the city, then getting out and about in the city! Together, we will support your reactive or fearful dog in the urban environment, in order to build even more confidence and focus, no matter what’s going on around you. That way, you and your dog will be able to enjoy many adventures together, in our active human world.


Memberships For Reactive urbanK9 classes
Gaining Focus
$365 or Payment Plan $195 +gst/month for 2 months
Creating Teamwork
$920 or Payment Plan $165 +gst/month for 6 months
Recovery Program
$1675 or Payment Plan $155 +gst/month for 12 months