Dog Training to Develop a Confident Dog Who Can Go Anywhere With You!

You and your dog are meant to go on adventures together, but if your dog isn’t well-behaved, it can be very difficult to achieve. And there’s nothing sadder than a dog that get’s left behind every time you go out.

That’s why we build our programs to create polite, confident, and happy dogs, who have owners who love being with them!

Our all-inclusive training memberships ensure you get access to all the training your dogs needs. Once you complete the Orientation webinar, you can come to all the training classes offered for your selected program, or just to the ones that fit your schedule best. It’s completely up to you. With dogma, you get to set your training pace, and access the perfect amount of guidance from our accredited trainers to master the level, and graduate to the next course.

We believe in delivering the best support possible for you and your dog. Whether it’s in our day school, which is a highly elevated doggy day school program, or one of our training programs, your dog will always have access to an accredited dog trainer, who is attuned to the special needs of your dog.



Our doggy day school is like no other in the city of Calgary. Of course, we provide an environment where your dog gets to play and socialize with other dogs, but unlike other dog day schools, we are day school; and that means we limit the number of dogs in each class, so that we can train your dog, while he or she is with us. First day assessments are booked Tuesday through Thursday and your puppy would spend their full day working on their training & socialization with a certified trainer. Your dog gets the benefit of a safe, and fun, learning environment, and at the end of the day, you get a dog that’s well trained. It’s the perfect solution for both of you!


Child playing with his pet dog, a blue heeler

Our webinar program fills you in on everything you need to know about our urbanK9 training classes. Before you begin the hands on class work, we teach you about dog behaviour and how to communicate with them properly. This prepares you and sets you and your dog up for success before you come to class. Your membership begins after you watch your orientation webinar, which means that you get all the benefits of our elite training programs, right away! Below is a breakdown of each of the levels in this great program.



urbank9 Levels:


We want to make training your dog the best experience possible, so the Foundations classes are held in a distraction free indoor environment, until you are ready for a bigger challenge. That way you, and your dog, can both focus fully on the obedience skills we teach. When you master the Foundations, your dog will be able to sit, stay, come when called, walk on a loose leash, and so much more. Our trainers will even help you solve any problem behaviors your dog might have.


In this course, we continue to work on the skills you built in Foundations, but we take it up a level, to give you both a brand new challenge, working on your dog’s Focus & Reliability. You and your dog will work on your skills with some distractions in the environment, and some obstacles for you to overcome. Both of you will love conquering the challenges, because the result will be a well-mannered dog, who is mastering self-control.


Our Real World training is all about helping your dog to become the perfect urbanK9. We play lots of games, and participate in exercises that you and your dog will enjoy, while building skills in a real world environment. On top of some training in one of our education centres, we venture out into off-leash parks, urban settings, and we will enjoy other special activities together. Once you achieve all 10 badges in this course, your dog will earn the elite title of a dogma urbanK9.

Memberships For urbanK9 classes
Basic Manners
$365 or Payment Plan $195 +gst/month for 2 months
Polite Pooch
$920 or Payment Plan $165 +gst/month for 6 months
Unleash Your Dog’s Spirit
$1675 or Payment Plan $155 +gst/month for 12 months