Elevate the Education




Give your dog the best day possible at school

Whether you want to give your dog some extra training, spruce up the good looks, or simply reward good behaviour with an extra special day, we have a variety of options you can choose from to make it happen.

Let us know how you want to pamper your pooch when you drop your dog off.

Take the accelerated learning path with one of these tutoring options:

  • Loose Leash Walking (15 minutes) $15
  • Recall (15 minutes) $15
  • Manners (15 minutes) $15
  • VIP Escort (for special assistance getting in and out of day school) $5
  • Hand feeding meals (for food bowl etiquette or attention work) $5

Your dog loves more than just food, although a fun snack makes for a tail-wagging good time, so why not add in one of these Special Treats to pamper your pup today?

Pampered Pups

Unique activities, fun games and just some extra special things your dog can enjoy on their own!
  • Game Time! (Ex: agility, tug) $15
  • Brain Booster (Ex: interactive toy, nose work, puzzle) $8
  • Massage $15
  • Turn Down for Naptime (extra bedding, biscuit on pillow) $3
  • Photo Booth Pictures (sent at end of day) $3
  • Video (sent at end of day) $5
  • Individual 15 minutes in office (with team) $3


Pamper your pooch by providing some stress free basic grooming!
  • Nail Trim $10
  • Ear Cleaning $10
  • Tooth Brushing $10
  • Brush Out $10
  • *Full grooming services are available from The Wag Dog Grooming at our Killarney location.


Special treats for those days you think your dog deserves something extra!
  • Peanut Butter Stuffed Kong $4
  • Chew Bone (small, medium, large) $5 - $9
  • Hot Dog (veggie or turkey) $2
  • Flavour ice cubes (available in yogurt & fruit, beef or chicken) $2
  • Bottled water $2
  • Flavoured bottled water $3.50


Save yourself some time, and make your dog look great, by taking advantage of our grooming options.

Then you can spend your free time doing something fun with your dog.

Chinook Location

  • Nail Trims

  • Brush Outs

Killarney Location

We offer full grooming services, by The Wag Dog Grooming, because just like us, they also promote natural dog care trends in the canine community.

Their eco-friendly, biodegradable products will have your dog looking and smelling great! Contact them to book your appointment today.

Call: 403-698-2442

Text: 403-919-4613

Email Us!

Here are other programs we offer


Play n Train:

Do you find it hard to fit training in with your dog? Why not have one of our team members conduct training while your dog is at day school with us! Your dog will be worked by one of our certified trainers while they are here to play with their buddies? These are shorter sessions so are ideal for a skills tune up, to teach foundation skills, improve overall manners or further training on complex concerns like fear and/or reactivity. Dogs must be enrolled at day school for this option.


How it Works:

  • A trainer will work with your dog while they are at day school

  • You must be a current day school client, and you must be booked to attend day school on the day of your dog’s Play n Train session

  • Each session is $75 + gst (does not include the cost to attend day school that day)

  • The trainer works with your dog for 2 half-hour sessions during the day

  • You will be sent updates on their progress and a program to follow at home

*Note: New Private Training clients must book a Private Consult prior to starting private training in day school.

Book here to schedule your appointment:

Chinook Location

Killarney Location


Field Trip Play n Train:

Book a Play n Train Field Trip session for only $90 + gst and one of our certified trainers will take your dog to appropriate locations around the city to improve obedience and real world skills. All you have to do to get started is book a private training consultation to go over the specific training needs for your dog, and then we take care of the rest!