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As the dog industry progresses, dog owners are demanding that service-providers have an education in canines. Our Handling Certificate provides that training to ensure your business is providing the best in care to your four-legged clients.
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We know that you love dogs and that you want to ensure you are improving their overall well-being when they are in your care. Traditionally, most pet care professionals learn on the job and through their experiences with the animals in their lives. We now understand that this is not adequate, so dogma Academy has created a low-cost, but comprehensive option, to provide training to pet professionals in the comfort of their own home. Our training can be done on your schedule and you will have full access to the program materials for one year from the date of purchase. Set yourself apart from your competition and demonstrate to your clients that your knowledge allows you to provide the best care for their family members. Take your business to the next level today!

Know your 4-legged clients better.

communication & training

Our Handling Certificate offers everything to start working with dogs professionally. Ranging from canine communication, foundation training skills, understanding how dogs learn and handling, you will be confident in your work with dogs and keep everyone safe.

flexible learning

All of the learning happens online. This allows you to attend the training at your convenience and have access to resources to reference at anytime! We also offer additional hands-on learning opportunities for those looking for more training and experience!

return on investment

Dogs are now part of the family. This means that their parents are expecting more from dog care professionals. Investing in you and/or your team's knowledge demonstrates your commitment to providing the best-in-care for your clients and your team. Keep everyone safe and happy!

Program Details

  • 18 years or older
  •  Access to a dog for training
  • Abide by requirements outlined in Student Handbook
  • Our client webinars for training classes
  • Dogs 101
  • Dog Training 101
  • Canine Communication
  • How to Train your Spouse
  • Stress in Dogs
  • Handling 101 
  • Dog-Human Interactions
  • Dog-Dog Interactions
  • Opportunity to attend hands-on training. Next session May 25th! Click here to learn more.
  • Client rates on consults for additional mentorship
  • Internship opportunities available
  • Group rates available!

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