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Reactive Specialty Clinics

We are now offering specialty training for reactive/fearful dogs! Our Reactive urbanK9 clinics are short, specialized classes to further assist your fearful or reactive dogs. Some of the clinics build on the skills taught in Reactive urbanK9 such as real world activities and focus, while some are designed to assist with unique concerns such as walking two dogs together and vehicle reactivity. We also have some are fun classes such as hiking and our most popular Reactive Agility!

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Current and past Reactive urbanK9 Membership holders


Must have completed Foundations

If you have been away from classes for more than 2 months, a minimum 2 Month Foundation Skills membership must be completed before you may attend a clinic

Not all clinics will be suitable for your dog. dogma trainers may advise that a particular clinic is not appropriate.



Current Members:

$35.00 per clinic member

$175 for 5 clinic pass

$265 per workshop (discount based on membership level)

Previous Members:

$50.00 per clinic

$200 for 5 clinic pass

$265 per workshop


The Fine Print:

5 clinic passes expire 2 months from date of purchase.

24 hours notice is required to cancel or you will be charged the full class fee.

All fees are non-refundable.

Payment required in full to secure spot in class.


Reactive Playtime Clinic

Have a reactive dog that would rather be off leash socializing with their canine companions? We have just the clinic for you! During this one hour clinic one of our certified trainers will teach you about proper introductions, how to interpret play, how to effectively manage and supervise play as well as a variety of other exercises to teach you and your dog all about safe, appropriate play! Nowhere else in the city will you find such a fun and informative way for you and your dog to enjoy some off-leash dog play! Dogs must be currently enrolled in daycare or have completed a dog to dog assessment to attend. Dogs are segregated based on size and play style to ensure they are comfortable. 

Cost of clinic is $35+gst for 1 class.

Classes coming soon!


Reactive Shaping Clinic

Are you curious about clicker training or have you tried it and struggle with how to apply it? Shaping is one of the most useful skills you can teach your dog. It is a great training practice and we love watching dogs learn how this works. They will learn to problem solve and it is an excellent way to provide added mental stimulation! Be prepared to be amazed by what your dog can accomplish! If you are looking for ways to challenge your dog, then this clinic is for you!

Cost of clinic is $35+gst for 1 class.

Classes coming soon!


Cat Clinic

If you have ever wanted to accustom your dog to cats, then this clinic is for you! In this clinic we will be working on introducing our dogs to the smell and sight of a cat in a controlled indoor environment.

Cost of clinic is $35+gst for 1 class.

Classes coming soon!


Reactive Color Me Mine Clinic

Join us for this fun filled evening bonding with your dog while painting a unique masterpiece of your choice! During this unique experience we will be teaching our dog's how to settle in this environment while they join in on the creativity too! This is a great clinic full of self control, settling, and new challenges that you do not want to miss! * cost includes registration to the clinic however the cost for the pottery ranges depending on clients choice.

Cost of clinic is $35+gst for 1 class.

Classes coming soon!


Reactive Agility Workshop

This is a favourite class for our reactive and fearful dogs! Building off the skills from Reactive urbanK9, continue building your dog's confidence and focus through this fun class. Introduce your dog to all agility equipment and learn how to run them through full courses. Keep your dog's focus on you and tail wagging while there are other dogs in the room and new people. This is a safe and controlled class designed to further our dog's progression and is one you do not want to miss! Class runs for one hour per week for 5 weeks.

Cost of clinic is $265+gst for 5 classes.

Saturday, January 6 at 12:30pm at our Killarney location

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Reactive Party Tricks Clinic

Who doesn't love a tricks dog? This is one our favourite clinics and is guaranteed to be one of the most fun ones you can do with your dog! Start with some basic tricks and learn some unique ones that will make your dog the life of the party! Tricks are a fun way to challenge your dog and provide additional training! Do not miss this fun-filled night with your dog!

Cost of clinic is $35+gst for 1 class.

Wednesday, December 13 at 7:00pm at our Chinook location

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