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  "Properly trained,
   a man can be a
   dog's best friend."
   -Corey Ford




Training allows us to form a solid relationship between us and our dogs. dogma's goal is to educate and give you, your dog's trainer, the tools to build communication, trust and mutual respect between you and your dog. We will teach you how to do this through understanding, humane methods and ideas on how to fit training into your busy schedule. We aim to help you turn your dog into a proper canine citizen, while helping to unleash their spirits!

Our methods are based on the scientific methods of learning theory. We have a solid understanding of this learning theory and are consistently furthering our education to provide you with the most positive and effective tools available.

What does training mean for you? It means you have a loyal companion that pays attention, listens to you and understands and respects your leadership.

What does training mean for your dog? It means they have a enjoyable, happy life, where they understand their role and can just enjoy being a dog!



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