unleash your dog's spirit 


What does training mean for you?

It means you have a loyal urbanK9 companion that pays attention, listens to you and understands your guidance.

What does training mean for your dog?

It means they have an enjoyable and happy life as an urbanK9, where they are safe, understand life in our human world and can just enjoy being a dog! 


dogcap2Sit. Stay. Down. Fetch

Dog training is about much more than just commands at dogma. Done right, it gives you the tools to build a solid relationship with your pet.

At dogma, our goal is to educate and give you—your dog's trainer—what you need to communicate with and trust each other. We will teach you how to do this through understanding and humane methods. And we know it's hard to fit it all into a busy schedule, so we offer lots of tips on how to manage it all.

To us, it's about developing your dog into a proper canine citizen – and unleashing their spirits!

We will help you to develop the ideal urbanK9!


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We have the widest range of dog training programs available in Calgary! Everything from specialized puppy programs, training while your dog attends daycare, group classes and private training. Our programs are designed for the busy professional, so we can help you develop the ultimate urbanK9, even when you have a busy schedule!