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  "A dog is not
   'almost human',
   and I know of no
   greater insult to the
   canine race than to
  describe it as such."
  -John Holmes




dogma prides itself on its team. Each trainer is fully certified, and continues to work towards further certification. Continuing education is an important part of the entire team, with majority of the team attending a variety of seminars on dog training and behaviour. Each dog daycare attendant also goes through an intensive training program to ensure that your dog receives the best supervision and treatment. No other dog facility in the city requires this level of training for their staff. And the best thing about our team? Their passion. Each team member is passionate about dogs and wants only what is the best for them. They feel lucky and priveleged to be working with your pets.


megan armstrong

    Megan Armstrong,
    CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA     Owner/Operator


Megan Armstrong became one of Calgary’s only Certified Pet Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) in 2005. The CPDT designation means her programs are based on humane training practices and the latest scientific knowledge about dog training. In other words, Megan’s dog training expertise is grounded in a thorough, extensive education and examination process. Interestingly enough, despite the growing number of dog training services in the city, there are just over 20 CPDT-KAs in Calgary, and approximately 120 across Canada. Megan also obtained her CBCC-KA (Certified Behavior Consultant Canine, Knowledge Assessed) in June 2011. This made her one of only the first four in Canada and 29 worldwide.

Megan has around 10 years experience teaching group classes and private training at various locations around Calgary and the surrounding area. Before dogma training & pet services inc., she worked in the pet supply industry and at the Calgary Humane Society, where she honed her skill for understanding a dog’s cues by performing behavioural assessments and maintaining the animal stress reduction programs. Her passion for animals, desire to understand how a dog communicates with us, and adoration for her own two lively canines drive Megan to continue to stay on top of the latest trends in her field. She regularly attends the APDT conference held annually to learn more about the positive approach to training a dog, and has spoken at this conference for the past 3 years.

On top of her CPDT-KA and CBCC-KA, Megan holds her Pet First Aid Certificate and is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainer,Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She was the designated trainer for the Alberta Rescue Foundation (ARF) and a consultant for Cochrane Humane Society, transitioning both of these organizations to become leaders in training with strong mandates of reward-based training and humane handling of their dogs. She was also a certified mentor trainer for Animal Behaviour College.

In 2013, Megan was a founding member and is currently President of the Board for pause4change Rescue Foundation. Like dogma, this organization takes a strong position in the training and handling of their dogs. They are setting the standards in rescue by developing protocols to ensure the proper rescue, fostering and overall behaviour and well being for the animals in their care.

Wags for Megan!

    Hailee Dix,
    Operations Manager,     Senior Trainer


Hailee is an avid animal lover who has had a passion for working with dogs all her life. She has been working with dogma for over two years now and has thoroughly enjoyed advancing her career in the dog world.

She was part of the first group of students to graduate from the dogma Apprenticeship Program and was later invited to join the training team here at dogma. Teaching classes is such a joy for her that it is difficult to put it into words. Her passion for dog training developed because she was volunteering at the shelter and was troubled by how many young healthy dogs were being surrendered due to lack of socialization and obedience skills causing their owners to get so frustrated that they gave up on them. Hailee’s goal as a classroom instructor is to help all her students gain the foundation needed to have a long and happy life with their pets.

Hailee obtained her CPDT-KA and CPDT-KSA in 2012, but her passion for dogs does not end there. Her goal is to become a CBCC-KA and also to get her certification in Canine Reiki. Hailee shares her home with her dog Turbo.

    Drae Fitchett,
    Manager of Group     Classes
    Senior Trainer


As a part of her Animal Behavior College program, Drae began apprenticing with dogma in October of 2007. At this time, she was also a volunteer and Foster Parent for the Cochrane and Area Humane Society.

Drae grew up in rural Alberta where she was always surrounded by animals. She was the girl who would bring home all sorts of creatures, certain to save their lives. Nowadays, Drae shares her life with two Shepherd X's that certainly keep her on her toes. "They teach me something everyday," she'll say with a smile.

Drae strives to ensure a fun, relaxed and friendly classroom experience. She truly feels that people - and dogs - learn best when they are having fun. Her focus is to help her students create a deep and positive bond with their canine companions, one that is sure to be the foundation of a long and happy life together.

Within just over five years with dogma, Drae has obtained her DCBCE (dogma certified behaviour consultant & educator) and obtained her CPDT-KSA certification. Along with Megan, Drae obtained her CBCC-KA in June, making her one of only the first four in Canada and 29 worldwide! Drae is a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers as well as The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

    Kristina Ince,
    DCBCE, CPDT-KA    
    Manager of Private     Training,
    Senior Trainer


Kristina grew up on a farm and spent her days playing with a variety of pets, farm animals and various rescued wildlife. She always had the patience needed to work with shy or fearful animals which helped to care for the scared or injured animals they took care of.

Kristina was thrilled when her boyfriend agreed and they welcomed a cute rambunctious puppy into her home. She named this little bundle of joy Chica, which means girl in Spanish. Little did Kristina know that Chica would lead her straight to her passion and her new career path!

Kristina first came to dogma for puppy playtime to socialize Chica and get her signed up for a training class. She was intrigued by the way dogs communicate and how complex their social interactions can be. Kristina decided it was time for a career change and so she began working in the daycare and enrolled in the dogma Apprenticeship Program. She obtained her DCBCE designation in 2012, and her CPDT-KA in 2013. Kristina shares her home with her dog Chica and her four cats Mico, Hefner , Lynx and Cheeto!


    Lottie Bradshaw,
    Manager at Chinook


Lottie has worked with various species of animals since childhood and couldn’t imagine doing any other job. She arrived in Calgary from England in May 2013. In England she studied animal management at college and ran her own successful pet care business as well as working as a pig farmer.

Lottie has two rescue lurchers that her and her husband brought over with them, Sid and Lenny. They both have behavioral issues as a result of their previous lives, which she hopes she can overcome with them while learning at dogma. Her aim is to become a fully qualified dog trainer and to specialise in behaviour problems in rescued and abandoned dogs. Lottie is currently enrolled in our Dog Training Apprenticeship Program and will obtain her DCBC designation in the Fall!

    Kirby Adkins,
    Manager at Killarney


Kirby has always had a passion for animals ever since she was young, and is thrilled to be able to turn her passion into a career. She has been working with dogs for 4 years and has loved it since day one. She had been searching for the opportunity to learn and grow and found it within dogma.

She has such a passion for all animals and loves to apply her growing knowledge of reward based training to all species and learn more about behaviour! Kirby is also very involved in rescue and has one dog of her own, Bowzer. She's a 5 year old Basset Hound who has provided Kirby with lots of learning opportunities and has led her to be very motivated to increase her skills and knowledge. Kirby is currently enrolled in our Dog Training Apprenticeship Program and will obtain her DCBC designation in the Fall!


Megan Armstrong, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA



Kristina Ince, DCBCE, CPDT-KA

jana     Janilee Comeau,
    Daycare Behaviour

Raised on the east coast of Canada, Janilee’s love of animals was fostered by the presence of a wide variety of pets all throughout her childhood. After moving to Calgary 5 years ago, she noticed something was missing from her life and after a year convinced her boyfriend to add their first own dog, Fuzz, to their lives. Since then she has added their second dog, Charlotte, and just recently their cat, Augustus.

Three years ago, Janilee stumbled upon dogma while looking for alternate training options for Fuzz who was then very reactive. Loving the atmosphere as well as the success from the numerous training classes she took, Janilee feel in love with training. This love lead her to applying to Dogma’s DAP program and from there to a daycare attendant position. She is thrilled to now be in the exciting role of Daycare Behaviour Attendant and a part of the training team at dogma!

    Alyx Harris,
    kinderPUPS Trainer


Alyx started with dogma in the daycare shortly after the opening of the new facility on 37th Street. She lives with her dog Roxi and has been an animal lover her whole life. Outside of dogs, she also loves music and she plays guitar, as well as singing.

Alyx completed dogma's Dog Training Apprenticeship program early 2013. She loves her time in the daycare, and especially loves to spend it cuddling with all the dogs throughout the day. However, she is thrilled that she successfully completed her apprenticeship program and has joined the dogma training team! Alyx will be running the kinderPUPS program at our 37th Street locatin and she could not be more thrilled! She is looking forward to continuing to learn and is currently working towards her CPDT-KA designation.

    Sasha Milashenko,
    Daycare Attendant
    Training Team Admin


Sasha is very passionate about animals and rescue work in particular. She found dogma when looking for fear classes for one of her foster dogs and loved their approach and philosophies so much that she decided to apply for a daycare attendant position.

Since joining the team she has also completed the dogma apprenticeship program in order and successfully obtained her DCBCE designation. She is currently working towards her CPDT-KA designation. Her long term goal is to specialize in working with fearful dogs, as well as to provide professional training help for rescue groups.

    Heather Potter,

Heather is very passionate about animals, especially ones in rescue. She has fostered over 30 dogs for a local rescue organization, and also volunteers at spay and neuter clinics throughout Alberta. She brought one of her foster dogs to dogma's fear class, and knew this was place that she wanted to work one day. Heather applied for dogma's apprenticeship scholarship, that is offered to individuals that volunteer in rescue, and was ecstatic when she was selected to be a part of dogmas apprenticeship program! She has 2 bishon shitzu's, Ginger and Coco, a rescued blue heeler cross, Jersey, and a shepard cross which was a foster failure named Tasha. Heather also has a cat and 2 rabbits.


Lottie Bradshaw, Manager at Chinook

Kirby Adkins, Manager at Killarney


    Megan Christenson,
    Daycare Attendant


Megan grew up in Prince George, BC. Once she graduated high school, she moved to Vancouver to find her calling. She has always had a passion for animals and decided to get a job at a daycare/ training facility. This lead her to complete an obedience training certification through Animal Behaviour College. During this time, she adopted her dog Diego, a Rottweiler cross, who allowed her to test and practice her new knowledge. Since receiving her certification, she moved to Calgary to advance her career, and got hired at dogma.


Picture coming soon!     Victoria Hudson,
    Daycare Attendant


Victoria has grown up around dogs her whole life. She has been a foster parent and has two dogs of her own; Spike, a half blind cocker spaniel, and Ace, a Caviler King Charles Spaniel.

She went to school to be a Veterinary Assistant, but soon realized she wanted to work at dogma to be a part of the fun fast paced environment and around all the happy dogs! She plans on enrolling in the Dog Training Apprenticeship Program to obtain her DCBC in the near future!


    Megan Vold,
    Daycare Attendant


Megan has grown up with dogs her whole life. She has had a love for dogs since before she could remember. Growing up she dog sat for several family friends and neighbours.

She has worked in the dog daycare world for over Six years and still continues to love her work with the dogs. Her one main passion in life is helping and being around dogs. She wants to continue her education about dogs and their behaviours.

Megan has three beautiful dogs; Jethro her Lab/Husky/Ibizan Hound/Blood hound/Boxer cross, her Black Lab, Seth,and Kipper her Border Collie/Mastiff cross. All of her dogs are rescues. Dogs will always be in Megan's heart and she is proud to be a member of the dogma team.

    Sydney Webster,
    Daycare Attendant


Born and raised in Calgary, Sydney has always had a love for animals. She has owned cats ever since she was young, and currently has three, but always had a soft spot for dogs. She graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at Olds College in the spring of 2013 and has been actively looking after pets for almost nine years, and continues to do so.

Sydney was drawn to dogma because of their easy-going atmosphere and dedication to training of all types of dogs, and is eager to learn even more about the behavior and different methods of training. She enjoys spending time with all the different breeds and sizes of dogs, but especially the shyer dogs who are trying to come out of their shells.

    Paige Wolfenden,
    Daycare Attendant


Paige started at dogma after already receiving 2 years experience in the dog industry. She has one dog of her own named Molly, who is a dachshund jack Russell mix. She would like to buy an acreage and start a dog rescue in the future. Paige also went to college where she studied veterinarian office assistance, and she has also received her pet first aid certificate.






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