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Puppyhood Investment:

We understand that life is busy, but we also understand that puppyhood goes by quickly and is the most critical time to ensure we create the ideal urbanK9! kinderPUPS provides the solution by providing a comprehensive program that covers training, socialization, overall manners and problem behaviour prevention.


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Calgary's only dog daycare exclusively for puppies to help develop the ultimate urbanK9!


dogma is setting the standards again with our newest puppy daycare and training program! We believe in education and improving canine reputations. We know that our work with puppies is the key to developing a confident, well-socialized urbanK9. We also understand that most of us live very busy lives. However, we do not feel that should mean that our puppies should miss out on an important time for training and socializing. And we believe that puppies that attend our daycare need a specialized program and individual attention to ensure a successful integration into our human world and your family.

Welcome to kinderPUPS! dogma's daycare program designed specifically for puppies! We have designed special areas within our regular daycare just for kinderPUPS participants to spend their entire day with a certified trainer! dogma has developed daily programs to help with socialization, training and addressing/preventing common behaviour problems. We offer outdoor add on's every day around the facility, which is a great opportunity for active socialization, as well as, bi-weekly field trips around Calgary to various locations. Where puppies can go on an adventure with their friends to meet new people, and explore different environments, all to help create a positive experience for your pup. Find our full program details below.

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kpupsprogramcircleWhat we will cover in kinderPUPS:

  • Daily active socialization with people, dogs, objects, noises, surfaces, and much more!
  • House training
  • Crate training
  • Greeting people and dogs
  • Basic obedience skills, including coming when called and how to walk nicely on leash
  • Overall manners
  • Appropriate play
  • Handling
  • Confidence building
  • Self control
  • Behaviour problem solving (jumping, chewing, barking, etc.)
  • Field trips around the facility twice a week to socialize your puppy to the real world 
  • Exercise to prevent common behaviour problems
  • Many more important tools and topics to get you and your puppy start off on the right foot/paw!


kinderPUPS details

  • The kinderPUPS have their very own puppy room with dedicated kinderPUPS Trainers and team committed to their care
  • Puppies not enrolled in kinderPUPS are kept within the regular dogmaU groups
  • kinderPUPS has a daily rotating schedule that focuses on play, socialization, training, naptime, house training and behaviour problem solving exercises throughout the day
  • the kinderPUPS are always supervised by a certified dog trainer
  • kinderPUPS graduate at 6 months of age and move to the dogmaHIGH Program


kinderPUPS Training:

Play n Train:

Do you find it hard to fit training in with your puppy? Why not have one of our team members conduct training while your dog is in kinderPUPS with us! Your puppy will be worked by one of our certified trainers while they are here to play with their buddies! These are shorter sessions so are ideal for a skills tune up, to teach foundation skills, improve overall manners or further training on any concerns a home. Puppies must be enrolled in kinderPUPS for this option.

How it Works:

  • A trainer will work with your puppy while they are in kinderPUPS
  • You must be a current dogma client, and you must be booked to attend kinderPUPS on the day of your puppy's Play n Train session
  • Each session is $75 + gst (does not include the cost to attend kinderPUPS that day)
  • The trainer works with your puppy for 2 half-hour sessions during the day
  • You will be sent updates on their progress and a program to follow at home

*New Client - Chinook: To book a Play n Train session, please complete our Behaviour History Questionnaire and schedule your appointment.

*Previous Client - Chinook: To book a Play n Train session, please click here to schedule your appointment.

*New Client - Killarney: To book a Play n Train session, please complete our Behaviour History Questionnaire and schedule your appointment.

*Previous Client - Killarney: To book a Play n Train session, please click here to schedule your appointment.


Outdoor Adventure:

Daily Outdoor Add On to work on skills outside of the facility: $15. These are booked during our business hours, Monday through Friday. 

*Chinook: To book a Outdoor Adventure at Chinook, please click here and schedule your appointment.

*Killarney: To book a Outdoor Adventure at Killarney, please click here and schedule your appointment.


Puppy Social:

Every week we offer Puppy Social Field Trips where a certified trainer will take them to various parts of the city. Where they will practice manners, socialization, and skills in new distracting environments: $40. These are booked during our business hours on Friday's. *Note that some weeks we might adjust to another day of the week if needed!

To book a Outdoor Adventure, please click here and schedule your appointment.




We love puppies and understand how important the early weeks of their lives are! They are at a critical time where they need positive guidance to ensure they grow to become ideal urbanK9's. An urbanK9 is a confident, well-mannered dog you can take with you anywhere and be proud. dogma wants to enhance and revolutionize the lives of dogs and we know that this requires a focus on puppies! Our kinderPUPS program was developed as we know that every puppy should be attending a dog daycare program exclusively for puppies! kinderPUPS includes socialization, basic training and common behaviour problem solving daily!


Who: To enrol, puppies must be under 5 months, and they can attend kinderPUPS until the age of 6 months.

Requirements: First round of vaccinations, completed history questionnaire (email your preferred location at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to receive a copy of the questionnaire)



Full Day Assessment*: $95 (receive a FREE Puppy Social if a 10 day pass or more is purchased on the Assessment Day)
1 day pass: $75
5 day pass: $360 ($72/day)
10 day pass: $700 ($70/day)
20 day pass: $1350 ($67.50/day)
Unlimited Monthly: $1290 (all inclusive monthly; guaranteed reservation)

* Required. Your puppy spends the entire day with a certified trainer to assess their response to a variety of people, dogs and objects to determine what training program is required. It also ensures puppies are not introduced into the group too quickly and to ensure we can provide a positive introduction to kinderPUPS, the facility and team.


  • Purchase any pass, but there may be a minimum requirement if your puppy shows signs of fear.
  • Your puppy must attend a minimum of 2 days/week


Add Ons:


Our kinderPUPS program goes above and beyond by providing exceptional services and activities you will not find elsewhere in the city. Our inclusive rates above include naptimes, feeding, giving medication, basic manners training, daily games and activities, individual love and affection, and so much more! However, we know some of you want even more! You asked for it and now we are thrilled to offer a variety of add ons to your puppy's day. These do not need to be booked in advance and you can just tell a team member when you drop your dog off! It's just another thing we are doing to set the standard in dog care and to provide even more for your dogs while they are enjoying their day with us!



dogmaU Tutor: Let one of our trained kinderPUPS team members teach or refine the below skills (15 minutes)!  

Loose Leash Walking   included
Recall included
Manners included

Outdoor Add On (scheduled Monday to Friday at Killarney. Monday's and Friday's at Chinook): These are within walking distance of dogma. kinderPUPS will be taken to practice meeting strangers, and their manners!

Puppy Social (scheduled every Friday): Will be taken out by a trainer to a new location to work on confidence and obedience skills!



One hour individual Play n Train session with kinderPUPS Trainer




urbanK9 promotion!

Earn discounts towards our urbanK9 and Reactive urbanK9 programs while your puppy is enrolled in the kinderPUPS program!

  • Receive 10% off your urbanK9 or Reactive urbanK9 membership if your puppy attends 20 or more days of kinderPUPS!
  • Receive 20% off your urbanK9 or Reactive urbanK9 membership if your puppy attends 40 or more days of kinderPUPS!


Ongoing support!

Enrolling in kinderPUPS includes unlimited phone and email support with our kinderPUPS trainers. It also entitles you to one private session with the kinderPUPS trainer for only $75 + gst (must be booked within business hours)! These sessions are regularly $185 + gst and you receive this discount for 6 months after your puppy graduates the program. If your puppy attended 20 or more days in kinderPUPS, you receive this discount for an unlimited number of sessions for 6 months after your puppy graduates!


kinderPUPS Fine Print

  • Must register online
  • Must complete a standard kinderPUPS agreement
  • Bring 2/3 of your puppy's daily food ration
  • Bring small, soft treats for your puppy - advise us of any allergies
  • Bring your puppy's bed and favourite toy
  • Harness and 6-8' leash only. No choke chains, prong or martingale collars or retractable leashes
  • All fees are non-refundable
  • A day pass will be removed for cancellations done after 7 am the day of the booking
  • Your puppy can start any time between the ages of 10-20 weeks



Training and socialization prevents behaviour problems from developing. We understand that life is busy and are here to help! Do not let this valuable time pass without investing in your puppy's overall well-being and to create an ideal urbanK9!