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  "If a dog's prayers
   were answered,
   bones would rain
    from the sky."
  -Old Proverb




We do dog daycare better at dogma! We have a unique, school activity approach to keep your dogs busy. Take a look at our dogmaU calendar to see what activities are planned for the canine students! We rotate through five school subjects weekly (Math, Creative Arts, Science, Social Studies and Gym) and each day we have fun activities planned for all of the dogs! We have also set the standard for daycare through our strict policies in regards to capacity, staff to dog ratio, and training!

What sets us apart:

  • The only daycare in Calgary owned and operated by, along with being managed by DCBC and CPDT-KA certified dog trainers.

  • The only daycare in Calgary that segregates groups by size and then play style, and has a maximum of only 12 dogs per play group.

  • The only daycare that has a certified dog trainer conduct behaviour assessments for all dogs over the age of 6 months before they are accepted into dogmaU.

  • The only daycare in Calgary with 3/8" recycled rubber and fully sealed flooring.

  • The only daycare that conducts a structured training program that all dogmaU attendants must successfully complete before they are left to supervise the dogs.

  • The only daycare in Calgary that has trained team members that supervise their play groups 100% of the time.

  • The team loves your dogs, so we do provide them with loads of individual attention and cuddling!

  • We do not allow any chains or non quick release collars into the daycare. We do everything to ensure the safety of the dogs and these tools are far too dangerous to be worn in a dog daycare.

  • We are well educated in behaviour and training, so never use physical corrections of any type with the dogs. We focus on training and teaching what is expected of them through rewards. We want them to love their time at dogmaU!

Fun for your dog! They will thank you and perhaps your furniture will as well! We have carefully designed the experience of our VIP (Very Important Pets) daycare with both our guests and their guardians in mind.

dogma Training & Pet Services Inc. has created an optimal 'home-like' setting for dogs. To ensure safety and proper socialization, the areas are divided into age, play style and size, as well as an area for those dogs that require special attention. An outdoor area also allows the dogs adequate fresh air and frequent bathroom breaks.

The daycare operates in a controlled and structured manner with experienced staff providing continual supervision and a daily routine of play, training and nap time. As an added service, dogma also provides additional training programs, help to rehabilitate shy/fearful dogs and a specialized program for puppies.

dogma differs from the typical "warehouse feel” of other doggy daycares. We are focused on safety by ensuring dogs can be placed into proper playgroups, be moved around in a controlled fashion, and that the facility is fitted with proper flooring and high fencing to avoid injury, and dogs are being constantly supervised by trained staff.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.




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