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  "If you pick up a
   starving dog and
   make him
   prosperous, he
   will not bite you.
   This is the principal
   difference between
   dog and man."
  -Mark Twain




Does your dog have a particular behaviour problem you are struggling with? Do you feel like you need help with your dog to polish up a particular skill? Our private lessons are tailored to the needs or you and or pet. They can be done at our facility, your home or a location of your choice. These can be focused on basic obedience, manners training, fear/reactivity/aggression concerns or any problem you may be having with your dog! Our training can be designed for dogs of any breed/age, and we will work with any problem.

Most problems can be solved by gaining a better understanding of the cause and opening the lines of communication with our dogs. After filling out our questionnaire, we meet with you and your dog to begin developing a behaviour modification protocol. From this meeting, dogma will develop a personalized program to walk your through the steps towards a solution. Email and phone support is also included.


Session held at dogma: $150 + gst (1 hour/session). These are booked only at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Session held outside of dogma (within city limits): $225 + gst (60 - 90 minutes/session). Booked to fit within your schedule.

Dog assessment at dogma: $75 + gst. 30 - 45 minute hands on session with a trainer to assess your dog's behaviour with other dogs. This will help to understand how to introduce them to other dogs, if they are ready for the dog park and/or to prepare them for time within the daycare. No other problems are addressed within this session and no program/summary is provided. For this, please book a private consultation.

*Please contact us for pricing outside of Calgary city limits.

Do not wait for the problem to solve itself or risk it worsening. Contact us by phone or email us to discuss if a behaviour consultation is right for you.


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