dogma's Canine Behaviour and Handling Certificate

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This program was developed for those individuals who work with dogs (dog walkers, dog daycare workers, groomers, veterinary clinic staff, rescue group staff/volunteers, etc.) and are looking to gain a more thorough understanding of dogs' behaviour and communication. This is an intensive program that must be completed within one year and includes classroom theory as well as practical experience.

The course covers in depth topics such as dog health, behaviour problem solving, complex behaviour and basic dog training. Successful completion of the program offers individuals the knowlede and skills required to safely manage and work with dogs. Graduates will be provided a dogma Canine Behaviour and Handling Certificate that will demonstrate these skills and knowledge to their clients.

Orientation for the next session begins Friday, February 28th at 6:30 pm!


  •  18 years or older
  •  Own a dog or have access to a dog that you can work with throughout the  duration of the program
  •  Physical capability to handle dogs of different sizes and activity levels
  •  Be people and dog friendly
  •  Be a team player and have to ability to multitask
  •  Successfully complete application and sit down interview before admission into  program

You must be able to attend a full day weekend class once a month (Saturday and/or Sunday's) and commit to one night and/or weekend day per week of classes. You will be personally mentored by our Head Trainer through the entire duration of the program, and also have the opportunity to learn from our entire group of trainers! There will be testing to ensure you have developed both knowledge and skills with dog training and handling. The goal of this program is to provide you with the skills required to be safely working with dogs on a regular basis.

dogma believes that dog friendly, reward based training methods are the most efficient and effective. It is our philosophy to educate and improve the human-dog relationship based on mutual respect, and to do so with the least intrusive methods. We do not support any use of force, intimidation or physical manipulation in training, as we see these methods as unethical, inefficient and ineffective. They risk harming and deteriorating the human-dog bond. Our classes are taught with positive reinforcement and showing the dog how to be successful. We are committed to using only modern science-based methods.

Topics covered throughout the program (82 hours of classroom time):

  •  Training Methods
  •  Puppy Development
  •  Canine Communication
  •  Learning Theory
  •  Basic Dog Training
  •  Clicker Training
  •  Behaviour Problem Solving
  •  Dog-dog Interactions
  •  Complex Behaviour Problem Solving
  •  Fear/Anxiety
  •  Reactivity/Aggression
  •  Shelter Dogs
  •  Canine Health
  •  Basic Grooming
  •  Canine First Aid

Practical Experience (minimum 178 hours in total):

  •  Minimum 148 hours of group class observation/assistance
  •  Minimum 30 hours of hands on dog daycare experience
  •  Attend Foundations and Focus & Reliability with one dog. and an additional number of classes

Additional Opportunities:

  •  Receive 30% of any other classes at dogma with your dog for the duration of the  program
  •  Free attendance at any seminar provided by dogma
  •  Unlimited access to dogma's large library of dog behaviour training books & dvd's
  •  Free or discounted attendance to any continuing education event hosted by  dogma

Tuition for the program is $3600 + gst (including textbooks - dog training and behaviour books). Program fees are non-refundable.

Payment plans are as follows (can be paid through cash, debit, cheque or credit, but a credit card is required to have on file):

  •  $2700 + gst deposit, $950 + gst due 3 months later
  •  $1800 + gst deposit, $1900 + gst due 3 months later
  •  4 payments of $950 + gst due at deposit, 2 months, 4 months and 6 months  later
  •  Monthly payments of $325 + gst for 12 months


If you have any questions on the program, please email Megan Armstrong.



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