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Brains not Breed

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Educate not Hate 

It’s not about breed, it’s about training and treatment.

Enforce not Force 

Use existing dog laws to crack down on bad pet owners.

Act not React 

Be an advocate for responsible pet ownership and share positive stories.

Be the solution, not the problem.




Mandate training and socialization programs for all dogs.

Enforce existing leash laws and mandatory licensing/identification of dogs.

Adopt laws that prohibit aversive training methods and the use of guard dogs.

Adopt laws to regulate the breeding and sale of dogs.

Clear and fair procedures 

For defining dogs as dangerous on the basis of behaviour and expert opinion.

For filing a complaint or reporting a dog bite and for seizing, handling,

and assessing dogs involved in dog bites or displaying aggressive behaviour.

Strict penalties

Large fines for owners of dangerous dogs and repeat offenders who demonstrate irresponsible pet ownership. Prohibition on animal ownership for them and those that fail to comply with mandatory standards of care.

Possibility of imposing conditions on owners of dogs deemed dangerous, including: mandatory sterilization, mandatory muzzling, mandatory behavioural consultation and training or euthanasia.

SOURCE: www.saferkindercommunities.com. Visit this site to sign the petition against BSL.