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Where do I fit in?


Click to enlargedogma for Puppies
(under 5 months)

  • kinderPUPS - for busy individuals looking for certified trainers to help socialize, train and resolve any behaviour concerns in their puppy while they are at work for the day
  • PUPS - FREE socialization classes
  • V.I.PUPS - obedience training with more one-on-one to get started on the right paw towards becoming an ideal urbanK9

dogma for Dogs
(over 5 months)

  • urbanK9 - Obedience training to create a well-adjusted, confident, well-mannered city dog that can go anywhere with you!
  • urbanK9 for Reactivity/Fear - Specialized for dogs that bark/lunge at dogs/people or are fearful of dogs, people and/or new situations.
  • dogmaU - A great place for your dog to play, learn new activities and work on manners!
  • dogmaU Training - Have a certified trainer work specifically with your dog to refine skills and/or help resolve concerns like fear/reactivity.


dogma for Humans